Monday, 13 April 2020

ADLG-R What's Been Happening?

I was hoping to have finished the update over the Christmas break but work and life got in the way.

One thing I've learnt over the months writing and editing ADLG-R is the time it takes to get the language just right.  I've learnt a lot of respect for rules writers who can clearly convey their thoughts and meaning in a very clear way that doesn't allow for much wiggle room.  I've had to go back several times and re-write rules to make them clearer.

I've now done 82 army lists covering Western Europe thru to Japan covering 1500 to 1699.

I'm not worrying about the Africa's or the New World. The're not something that I've played much in several years of playing renaisance, so, I'd rather focus on periods where most people have an army.

There are points cost in the book so that you can write your own lists if you want.

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