Sunday, 27 October 2013

Oxford Doubles wrap up

We went in with a plan and it crumbled.

One big win and three big losses.

We played;

Later Swedes 22 - 3
Louis XIV 2 - 23
Polish 2 - 23
League of Ausburg 5 - 25

It all looked so good on paper and all fell to pieces when the shooting started.

Only having one average mounted really makes it hard, once one flank has collapsed, it's hard to plug the gap.

Saturday, 26 October 2013

scifi paper terrain

I've been missing playing scifi as no-one in my club seems to play any scifi other than Epic.

So, I think, how about playing at home?  That and an urge to play Space Hulk again made me start trolling ebay to see what I could find.

Hmmm, £130 for a copy of Space Hulk, I soo don't think so.

I found on the DrivethruRGP site some paper terrain that I could buy and make myself.

Didn't cost much, only a couple of quid and I get a PDF  for 25mm "space hulk" style corridors, rooms and other generic scifi scenery.

I'm going to print some of this out, made up a few boards and play some Tomorrows War.

Now, what to fight against.....

Oxford Doubles

Off to the Oxford doubles this weekend.

I'm partnering up with Martin and we are  bringing Later Danish.

It's another themed competition, any army, in 1695.

We are expecting lots of Swedish and League of Ausburgh Dutch.

Our army is mass musket-bayonet with regimental guns, so, should be fun.

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Derby purchases

The new army

15mm napoleonic French, aren't there just a few of them.......

237 figures from eBay apparently weren't enough, so, I had to purchase six boxes worth of Lancashire figures at Derby.

This will keep me busy for the next few months

Now, where is that airbrush....