Sunday, 24 October 2010

High Wycombe Fog

Well, that was High Wycombe.

I brought in my Medieval City Germans in for their last open comp. They got torn apart by two armies, one big win and a draw. Not the best of results, so me thinks that they will be retired for the moment. The pike are OK but were not able to take a sustained combat. Once they lose a base, they start to lose big time.

Even against a 10bg army, I couldn't get a win, ending up with a draw.

Need more mounted and things that can run away. Moving 3mu just doesn't work in an open comp.

Time to go play FoGR for a while :-)

Derby 2010 wrap up

Well, at was Derby. I took a 900 point Serbian army in and ended up completely average. One loss, one win and two draws.

What I played against:

Later Serbian - draw
Later Lithuanian Big lose
Italian Condotta - Venitian, big win
Later Turk - draw

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Derby FoG comp

So, off to Derby for a team comp of fog. I'm playing with Later Serbians in the Eternal Empire pool.

Just to note, there is a WRG 6th edition comp.........