Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Foreign legion for AA

There are just soo many nice 15mm modern figures that I couldn't just do the yanks. So, next army off the ranks is the French Foreign Legion.

New 15mm scifi rules, Gruntz

There are a new set of 15mm scifi rules being developed called Gruntz. Looks interesting.

Seems to be getting support from the major 15mm scifi manufactures by allowing use of their pictures and army lists. Going to give the game a go over Xmas.

Imperial Spanish for FoGR

So, the renaissance bug has got me and I'm painting up a 15mm imperial Spanish army. Soo many pike and muskets.

Pics to cone soon

Vehicles for AA

Managed to pick up a bunch of vehicles for Ambush Alley. Some of these are going to be converted to technicals for my insurgents.

Apache for AA

More air support for AA

Harrier jet for AA

Here's a pic of a 15mm harrier that I picked up for Ambush Alley.

It's always good to have a bit of air support.

Sunday, 21 November 2010


I've been sucked back into Epic. No one at my local club is really interested in playing Future War Commander but there is a lively Epic group, so, if I want to get a bit of 6mm scifi action, I gotta look into Epic.

Darby 2010

The German City Leagues are officially being shelved.

End result

Two draws, a win and a lose.

The win and one of the draws were against two newbies. :-(. Nothing really to be proud of,

The Germans just aren't fast enough and everyone avoids them.

Warfare 2010

Well, that was Warfare 2010.

For the first time, I didn't lose my army for the whole comp. Then again, I didn't win a game either. I played in the Rome period with a Palmyran army.

The results;

Game 1 Later Dynastic Egyptians, 16-4
Game 2 Ptomelic Greek, 4-16
Game 3 Later Republican Romans, 16-4
Game 4 Later Republican Romans 7-13

Good comp, lots of fun.

Cav shooty armies are are hard to loose with, but with a hard/ armoured army, hard to win against.

Sunday, 24 October 2010

High Wycombe Fog

Well, that was High Wycombe.

I brought in my Medieval City Germans in for their last open comp. They got torn apart by two armies, one big win and a draw. Not the best of results, so me thinks that they will be retired for the moment. The pike are OK but were not able to take a sustained combat. Once they lose a base, they start to lose big time.

Even against a 10bg army, I couldn't get a win, ending up with a draw.

Need more mounted and things that can run away. Moving 3mu just doesn't work in an open comp.

Time to go play FoGR for a while :-)

Derby 2010 wrap up

Well, at was Derby. I took a 900 point Serbian army in and ended up completely average. One loss, one win and two draws.

What I played against:

Later Serbian - draw
Later Lithuanian Big lose
Italian Condotta - Venitian, big win
Later Turk - draw

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Derby FoG comp

So, off to Derby for a team comp of fog. I'm playing with Later Serbians in the Eternal Empire pool.

Just to note, there is a WRG 6th edition comp.........

Friday, 17 September 2010

Tomorrow Wars

Ambush Alley is just about to release it's latest set of rules, Tomorrow Wars.

Looks interestjng. The preamble has been written by Jon Tuffley from Ground Zero Games.

FogR has been released

Field of Glory Reneaissance has been released and my copy just rolled thru the door. Bring on the tercio!

Lisbon Itc results

Woot! Got two wins, a lose and a draw. My team, the barbarians, came equal fourth, so really happy with that. We got to play all three of the podium placed teams and happy with the results.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

FoG in Lisbon

I'm going to a FoG competition in Lisbon. I'm going with a bunch of kiwis as part of the barbarian team. The Lisbon competition is a team event, so, in your team, you must have a player in each event.

It's sort of based on the old DBM army books, so,I'm going in as book four. Bring on the German city league.

In my pool, there's three ottoman Turks, one Chinese army, a couple of English armies, Ordonnance French and me.

Yah, no Steppes armies.

There may be a bit of port drinking........

6mm moon/Mars base

I picked up some domed buildings a whole ago and decided to base them up as a moon base.

The base unpainted

The base mostly painted

Just need to finish high lighting, flocking and am going to add a few vehicles. I've added a landing pad, so am going to find a cargo ship or something.

6mm power generator

Here's a couple of photos of my power generators in 6mm

I bought a few different types as they all look pretty cool and you can never have too much terrain!

The Power Station

Power Station 1

Power Station 2

6mm scifi lab

Here's a couple of photos of he labs that I've been painting up. You can use these as labs or any other type of hi-rise buildings.

They were a nice model to paint up.

6mm appartments

I've been painting up a bunch of 6mm buildings and here are he appartment blocks.

Thursday, 2 September 2010

6mm scifi bua

My next project is to start painting up a few of my 6m. Scifi buildings for Future War, or maybe even Epic.

I picked up a few dome style buildings that I'm going to base up as a BUA.

Might base it up with a bit of a Mars type of flock.

Now to find someone to play against.

Osprey Zombie book

I couldn't resist, you always need more zombies. Osprey have now done a zombie reference book.

Always good to have a reference, factual book about zombies

Field of Glory Renaissance

Osprey will be publishing the new hottnes, FoGR. I've seen a few beta games of this, as well as competitions and it looks good.

Time to start saving for a new army, it might be enough to tempt me into Renaissance.

Lisbon ITC

Off to Kisbon for a FoG competition next week.

Hopefully the german city league will do a bit better .

Made some changes to the list after the britcon debacle. Vi dumped the battle group of hqlbediers and one of tbe knights. I was able to add in two battle groups of medium food offensive spear and three units of light foot. Now to see how this one goes.

15mm T-72

Now, something for the insurgents. A T-72!

15mm HmmvEes

Some hummers for my marines to patrol in.

I bought the wrong models and got the larger troop carrier ones. Whoops, still, the look good

15mm Bradley

Here's a picture of my new Bradley for my marines in ambush Alley. It's from Peter Pig and I think that it came put quite good

Monday, 16 August 2010

Britcon 2010

Well, that was interesting.

I took my German City Leagues to Britcon and they turned out to be a dog of an army.

Looked good on paper but failed in real life


Continental English 23 - 2
Later Polish 0 - 25
Later Swiss 4 - 21
Santa Hermand 12 - 8
Catalan Company 0 - 25
Fatamid Egyptian 7 - 13.

Having only two units of skirmishers really made life hard. Most armies avoiding going for a frontal attack and pulled me out of line. Once they were in my flanks, it was all over. It would have ended worse if the games had been a bit longer. I managed to get a few losing draws due to time out.

Back to the drawing board

Saturday, 31 July 2010

Day 1- Oxford Doubles

Well, it was an interesting day.

First game was against New Kingdom Egpytian, which resulted in an 11-9 losing draw to e NKE. There was lots of terrain which the NKE hid in and mitigated the knights.

2nd game was against Hellenistic Greeks. Resulted in. 25-0 lose. We got thrashed by a 17 battle group army that we just couldn't find a flank and finally got pulled into te front of the pikes.

Ow ow ow!

Friday, 30 July 2010

Ambush Alley

Just picked up a couple of vehicles for Ambush Alley.

Picked up two HMMVWs, a Bradley, a LAV-25 and a T-72. Need to give the insurgents something.....

Oxford doubles

Off to Oxford to play in a doubles FoG competition. Will be interesting to see how we go. We are bring in Latin Greek and it looks like there will be quite a few long bow and Ordannce French armies.

Monday, 19 July 2010

15mm Insurgents

Something for the regular troops to clash against.


15mm Civilians

Few pictures of my civilians for Ambush Alley and Ambush Alley Z.

French Foreign Legion

Just finished up my French Foregin Legion for Ambush Alley.

They came up quite well I think.

Rampage - 4th Game

Last game at Rampage was against Ordonnance French.

Result 25 - 0

I had my 800 point army vs his 900 point army

My Feudal Portugues were able to manoveur around the pike and long bow until the knights went it. Knights did what Knights do best. Managed to break a bow unit which then fled into the back of the Pike. The knights followed then into the rear of the pike and promptly rode them into the ground.

Saturday, 17 July 2010

BKC event

Off to a one day BKC event in Bristol.

Interesting idea for the comp. They supply the army, you make do with what you are given. Nice to not have to pack an army.

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Rampage - 3rd game

900 ap game vs Latin Greek. Big loss to me. My knight line went into his and lost in the first turn, my spear charged his medium foot and lost and that was that.

Ow ow ow ow!

Rampage - 2nd game

700ap equal battle vs Fatamid Egyptians.

Endes up as a loosing draw as I could break any of his battle groups but sacked his baggage with knights.

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Rampage, 1st game

Played a Yuan chinese army and got a winning draw,

not for lack of trying. His crossbowmen routed one of my knights thru shooting, my spear got crushed my his heavy weapons and a flank attacking bow unit.

All fun


Off to a 15mm FoG competetion called Rampage.

Interesting idea for a comp. Four games, you get to use one list with a 700, 2 x 800 and a 900 point version.

Lets see how the Feudal Portuguse go.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

6mm terrain

Few photos of some terrain I picked up at a comp

The Geo hex base

The power generator

The solar power generator

Roads for Ambush Alley

Picked up a bunch of roads from a garage sale.

15mm Little bird

A piccy of my little bird for Ambush Alley