Saturday, 24 November 2012

finally, I've got Internet

After two months, my ISP finally got my broadband link working.

Nice to get the 'tubes working at home.

FoGAM v2 has been released

The Field of Glory rules have been updated and version 2 has come out.

So far, it's only electronically available, which is a bold decision.

There is talk of a published set coming out in the near future.

New army


I was shopping at Derby.....

I have picked up the figures for my next FoGR army.

Later Louis XIV.

I've bought enough figures to be able to field the German allies.

Will be fun to do a new army, this one will have bayonets and lace.


Warfare 2012


last comp for the year.

I couldn't decide what army to bring, so, I brought Earl Swedish.

Hmmm, no mounted was not a good idea.

the comp was a themed comp again, with a strict date range (Any army from 1562 to 1629).

I was expecting the usual Austrian and Turk armies with lots of keils and foot.

So, this was my results

Early Danish 0-25
Early Catholic Germans 3-22
Polish 12-8 ( I think)
Knights of St John 25-0

The Swedes were great once they contacted foot, my big mistake was not to have any mounted.  This was apparent in the 2nd game where my swedes were able to beat the German Later Tercios but couldn't chace down the mounted.  This left the German light horse free to rampage thru my back line and take the baggage, artillery, commanded shot and the dragoons.


So, now for the next comp.