Sunday, 20 November 2011

Warfare 2011 wrap up

So, overall the Germans did OK. Nothing spectacular, just OK. The choice of light horse didn't really add much to the army. They managed to get killed off in most games and didn't really add much to the game.

One thing I need to add is some rough terrain troops. The pike and shot can't do difficult terrain, which caused me some issues.

Ohh well, back to the drawing board and time to get ready for the next comp.

Warfare rnd 4

8-12 lose to Muslem Indians.

Managed to pull a draw out of the bag vs what started out as a bad matchup. My opponent had six elephants, lots of shooty cav and his flank march arrived.

Very frustrating game as my run of 1s continued for much of the game.

Curse the dice gods!

Warfare rnd 3

23-2 win to me vs Early Ottoman Turks.

Finally got a win! Played against my first ca shooty army in FoGR and pulled a win out of the bag.

It wasn't that I won in some ways, I just rolled less 1s than my opponent. Both of us had extremely bad dice. During two rounds of charging and evading, six out of eight evade/persuit rolls were 1s.......

I did manage to kill three generals in close combat.


Saturday, 19 November 2011

Warfare rnd 2

20-5 lose vs Swedes.

Note to self, never charge pike and shot into salvo foot, it won't end well. Made a few mistakes and my opponent, Andy, was there to take advantage of them.


Better luck next round.

Warfare rnd 1

9-11 vs Hungarian Translyvanian.

First game and a minor lose. Both of us tried to break thru but couldn't.

The first few rounds of movement. The Hungarians sent their cab and light horse down one flank

The Hungarian dragoons claim the hill

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

first game of tomorrows war

Going to be having my first game of Tomorrows War tomorrow night. Hoping that the game stands up to the hype.

going to be bringing my 15mm GZG figures out for their first run.

runners and riders for Warfare 2011

The runners and riders list has been published for Warfare. Lots of sharks and tough armies

Tim Porter - Early 30YW Swedish
Alisdair Harley - Later Imperial Austrian
Simon Clarke - Buccaneer
Martin Van Tol - Early Thirty Years War German Catholic
Richard Bodley-Scott (Umpire) - Early Ottoman
Dave M Allen - Eastern Woodlands Culture
Don McHugh - Muslim Indian
Don Avis - Later Imperial Spanish
Ben Jones - Late Louis XIV French
Adrian Steer - War of the League of Augsburg Anglo-Dutch
Paddy Bray - Early Danish
Peter Davis - Dutch 80YW
Allan Saull - Hungarian Transylvanian
Lance Flint - Later 30YW German
Simon LeRay-Meyer - Later 30YW German
Richard Young - Central Sudanese
Nick Overland - Early Ottoman
Kevin Johnson - Later Swedish
Rob Horn - ECW Parliamentarian
Peter Alexander - Early 30YW Swedish
Stewart Johnson - War of the League of Augsburg Anglo-Dutch
Peter Foster - Later Polish and Lithuanian
Andy Kitcher - Later Swedish
Pete Dalby - Early 30YW Swedish
Dave Parish - Early 30YW Swedish
Nik Gaukroger - Habsburg Austrian Imperial
Steve Hammond - Swiss
Jim Gibson (Floater) - Later ECW Royalist