Saturday, 24 September 2011

Force on Force this Monday

Got my first game if Force in Force on Monday. We are going to be playing a couple of scenarios from Enduring Freedom. Basically. An excuse to get some USMC soldiers on the table with a few bradleys in support.

Should be a lot of fun

Derby 2011

Off to Derby 2011 next weekend.

Going to be borrowing an Anglo Norman army for the first time. I'm playing in the pre heavy armoured knights period, so should be interesting.

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Dreamforge Games released Mechs for the Republic

Dreamforge games have released these mechs. They look like they have been inspired by the mecs from The Matrix.

Hopefully they have armour instead of having the driver exposed....

Antenociti’s Workshop preview new 3D models

Antenociti Workshop have released preview pics of their new mecs, the American Legion Warrior Mec. These look really sweet. They are going to stand around 8cm high, so, that is going to be a decent mech in 15mm.

Hope they have these on display at SELWG later this year.

Micro Art Studio - Infinity District 5 Apartment 1 Terrain

Micro Art Studio revealed new terrain for Infinity, the District 5 Apartment 1 building:

`these are very nice, Ghost in the Shell style building. I'm very tempted to pick up a few of these for Tomorrow's War and other 15mm/20mm skirmisher games

new gaming blog, Tabletop Gaming Fix

Found a new gaming blog today called Tabletop Gaming Fix.

always good to find a new gaming blog.

they are located here

Friday, 9 September 2011

20mm Moderns

One of the guys in the London club is interested in playing Force on Force and has a lot of 20mm figures.

you know what happened next....

I picked up a box of 20mm modern day US for £8 delivered. Not bad for 40 odd figures.

I've opened up the box and the figures look quite nice.

I can see the attraction with 20mm, there is quite a decent range out there for 1/72 or 20mm and they are not badly priced.

Now, to pick up some terrorists and russians.

wonder if I can find some French Foreign Legion