Saturday, 1 June 2013

War Games at the V & A

I had a friend of mine visiting from Australia and he spotted this show at the Victoria and Albert museum.

It's all about War Games and why kids like them.

It was an interesting show, talking about how kids like to play war and will make guns out of sticks and  so on.

The show is located in the toy museum which has it's own building in London.  Very cool

Going thru all the toys took me back a long way, there were lots of toys I could remember from my childhood.

Miniature molds!

Action Man

 a frigate done in lego

more action man, I had two of these as a kid


Robbie the robot

 Speaking of Star Wars.....

AT-AT walker

Thunderbirds are go


Star Wars

Damm you Tamsin!  :-)  I was doing soo well until she brought Star Wars to the table on Monday and now I've gone and bought a copy.

I plays really well.

If you have ever played Wings of Glory, it's very similar.

You can play scenario or by points and add in expansions like guns, pilots and stuff like that.

It plays very fast, we managed to get in six or so games in an evening, which is pretty good since none of us had every played the rules.

We even go the Millenium Falcon out for a run.

the Tie Fighter didn't last very long

Tie fighters surrounding the Falcon and the Falcon doing what it did best.

Visit to the British Museum

A couple of weekends ago, I was being a tourist in London and dropped in to the British Museum.

While we were there, we were able to join one of the free tours they offer and spent an hour going thru a very small section of the Babylonian section.

this stuff is fantastic.

Well, this is Egyptian, but cool anyway

These lined the throne room

Louis XIV French

At Salute I picked up some new flock that was recommended to me by a few people and started to use it for my French.

I've also painted up a foot battle group with the new command stand.  I'm creating new command stands for all of my foot units, with spares, so that I can change the army just by swapping out the commands.

Musket and bayonet unit with regimental gun and new command stand

Musket and bayonet unit with new command stand, just waiting on banner



Another general, needs a flag

Light Horse

Cavalry Unit

Elite Cavalry Unit

Cavalry Unit

Cavalry Unit