Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Gruntz Heavy VTOL and Rapier unit

Last units painted up from my shopping last year.

The new heavy lifter/VTOL from GZG looks pretty chunky.  Just need to get a few drop pods and have all the air support I could need.

Heavy VTOL

Small drone

 Rapier Unit

Gruntz goodness

I bought a few things from GZG for Gruntz at Warfare and have painted them up

Now to get them onto the table.

Grav tank with heavy rail gun

I do think I need to repaint the base as it all blends together.

8 legged tank with heavy laser

 Spider Drone with 2mm chain gun

Drone with twin 30mm machine gun

Drone with plasma rifle in 40 mega watt range

 Sniper Drone!

Phalanx APC.  I always wanted one of these in 25mm, just too large.  in 15mm, its the perfect size

"Bulldog" APC with chain gun and commander

 Tank drones!

Recovery vehicle

Badcon 2016 at Burton

First FoGR comp of the year!

I'm off to Burton to team up with Kevin again for the FoGR doubles

This is the theme


FOG Renaissance Doubles

900 points any book 1571AD—1621AD.

£30.00 per team


Renaissance special rule- Any heavy artillery used must be the first battlegroup(s) deployed, followed immediately by any medium artillery used.

We are bringing an early 30 years war German army which should be a hoot.

Should be a fun comp to kick the year off, but still trying to work out what the heck Lord Hoof is bringing.....