Monday, 28 September 2015

Derby - Who will be the King Swede?

The Derby Worlds event is a teamed competition and we have 8 teams.

In my period, there are five Later Swedish armies, so, who will be the King Swede?

The forums have already devolved to Ikea and Muppet jokes (well, I might have started the muppet jokes.....)

Bork Bork Bork!

Sunday, 27 September 2015

Blucher Napoleonic rules

My club has gotten behind a new set of Napoleonic rules called Blucher from Sam Mustafa.

We tried to play FoGN from Slitherine, but they didn't gel with any of us and proved to be too cumbersome to play a game.

These new rules read a lot better and all the games played at the club have gone down well, so, I have bought the rules and will be getting my first game in the next week.

Derby Worlds

I'm off to Derby next weekend to play in the "Worlds" at Derby.

It's a teamed event, three players in different periods.  Tim and I will be going up from London and meeting up with Simon of Lurkio fame.

I've decided to change my usual mounted army and go with a foot army, so, Later Swedes!

I've been busy painting up a few new generals and changed a few banners, photos to come shortly!

Worlds in Lisbon

I'm loving this idea of being able to play toy soldiers in somewhere warm and then take a week off.

The Worlds this year is being hosted in Lisbon, where I have played a few FoGAM competitions, so, was familiar with the area.  A bunch of us Londoners descended to Lisbon for toy soldiers and some decent wine.

For the FoGR competition, it turned out to be very small with just 7 players.

I couldn't decide what to take, so took my Britcon army with a few minor tweaks.

I placed fourth this year, Ian and I had another clash, I trounced him at Britcon and he got his revenge and deserved 3rd place.

I need to work out what to bring to open competitions now that my usual mounted armies need rethinking

Britcon 2015 results


the changes to the UK FoGR scene haven't yet worked for me.

With the requirement for 24 foot for 4 artillery has neutered my preferred style of mounted and I need to learn how to deal with massed foot.

In the end, I got 6th and was happy with that.

I got trashed the first game and then got stuck for a few rounds and couldn't make the break I needed to make up for my mistake.

Now, to learn how to break or deal with massed foot armies.....