Sunday, 20 February 2011

Burton doubles comp

Went up to Burton this weekend to play a doubled FoG comp and placed ninth! We ended up with 62 points and the winner was on 72, so we were in there with a chance.

Good comp all round.

Opponents an scores were

Rnd 1 100 years English 9-11
Rnd 2 Medieval French 23-2
Rnd 3 Catalan company 7-13
Rnd 4 Middle Hungarians 24-1

Woot! Didn't lose the army at all and the draws were tight games. The English battle was a blood bath with them poising 12 of 15 battle groups and us 14 of 16.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Wargaming pod casts

I've been following The D6 Generation pretty much since it was launched and with This Week in Wargaming closed down have been looking for another one. I found one called Chance of Gaming. It's another general gaming podcast run by a couple of guys in Mississipi. It's pretty interesting as they cover a lot of non mainstream games.

Be warned,they swear a bit.

Force on Force out soon

Ambush Alley games are releasing the new version of Force on Force and Ambush Alley as part of their publishing deal with Osprey. It's due in late April and should be good. The rules have been tightened up and clarified.

Not sure if I will pick them up straight away as I'm pretty happy with the current version. I picked up all the expansions as part of the SOG membership with AAG,so happy with that.

Burton doubles comp

First comp of the year! I'mmoff to Burton for a doubles comp of FoG. It's a comp that allows any army from 1100AD onwards, so should be interesting. We are bringing in Medieval Castilian as that's My partners army. Nit looks tres nice. Apparently, Burton is a brewery town, so there might be some drinking.....