Tuesday, 18 December 2012

28mm spider tank from Antenocitis

I've been resisting buying back into 28mm scifi but with stuff like this, how can you resist?

I can hear my credit card screaming

Antenocitis workshop do some really nice figures.

Mmmm, 28mm Power Armour

Must resist, must resist, getting weak....


WIP - Louis XIV army

few photos of my new army for FoGR, Louis XIV.

I'm giving the Army Painter dip a go for the first time.  So far, the results look good.

it suits my style of painting very well.

One of my generals being painted

One of the generals based up, now to finish the base

One of the bayonet armed pike & shotte units

Mmmm, heavy artillery

More pike & shotte

Saturday, 24 November 2012

finally, I've got Internet

After two months, my ISP finally got my broadband link working.

Nice to get the 'tubes working at home.

FoGAM v2 has been released

The Field of Glory rules have been updated and version 2 has come out.

So far, it's only electronically available, which is a bold decision.

There is talk of a published set coming out in the near future.

New army


I was shopping at Derby.....

I have picked up the figures for my next FoGR army.

Later Louis XIV.

I've bought enough figures to be able to field the German allies.

Will be fun to do a new army, this one will have bayonets and lace.


Warfare 2012


last comp for the year.

I couldn't decide what army to bring, so, I brought Earl Swedish.

Hmmm, no mounted was not a good idea.

the comp was a themed comp again, with a strict date range (Any army from 1562 to 1629).

I was expecting the usual Austrian and Turk armies with lots of keils and foot.

So, this was my results

Early Danish 0-25
Early Catholic Germans 3-22
Polish 12-8 ( I think)
Knights of St John 25-0

The Swedes were great once they contacted foot, my big mistake was not to have any mounted.  This was apparent in the 2nd game where my swedes were able to beat the German Later Tercios but couldn't chace down the mounted.  This left the German light horse free to rampage thru my back line and take the baggage, artillery, commanded shot and the dragoons.


So, now for the next comp.

Friday, 12 October 2012

Derby 2012 wrap up


my new version of the 30 Years War Germans didn't work very well.  Back to the drawing board for Warfare.

I nearly doubled my score on the 3rd game on Sunday when I had a bye, so, that says how well I was going.

the games

Game 1 Louis the XIV 0-25
Game 2 30 Years war swedes  7-18
Game 3 Bye 10
Game 4 League of Ausburg 22-3

My theory for this comp was to base the army around three veteran pike and shot units and shoot my way out of trouble.  The key to this theory was to be able to shoot.  It wasn't until the fourth game my troops decided that they could even hit anything.

Hmmm, what to do for Warfare...

the new venue was different, very similar to one of the comp venues back in Aus.  It was held at the Donnington race course and was in a large exhibition hall.  It was well suited to having a large amount of gamers in it as it had high ceilings and the traders were in the same room as the players.  This may have contributed to some of my spending.

It was rather strange to game next to a car race course, you could hear the cars racing around while pushing lead around the table.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Derby 2012

I'm off to Derby with the Central London Mediocre team to play in the FogR comp.

I'll be playing in the Rise of Gun powder period with my 30 years war Germans.

I've made some changes to my usual list so will be interesting to see how it goes.

These are the periods for the comp.

1) The Early European Renaissance - up to 1570, no battle troops with musket or impact pistol. Armies from T&T and CofE.

2) The rise of Pistols and Muskets. European Warfare from 1570-1700. Armies from WofR and D&G, plus any from T&T or CofE that aren't allowed in Period 1.

3) Non European War in the 16th and 17th Centuries. Armies from C&C and CofG.

Lisbon 2012 wrap up

So, a bit late, but here is the wrap up from Lisbon. The Anzac team ended up 7th out of 8th. We were doing well going into the last bound but we didn't do as we'll as we hoped and the other teams around up got big wins.

The idea of the 30-0 made every one get stuck in and play like they had a pair which was a nice change.

My results were;

Free Company (Portuguese) win to me
Swiss (Italy) big loss to me
Medieval German city leagues  (barbarian) draw
Medieval Danish(Spain) win to me

Lots of fun playing with the international teams and speaking Italian with the Italian team.

Photos to come from the visit to the armoury.

It was great to play a period comp with tightly controlled armies. None of us medieval players had to worry about light horse armies running around us.  We all got to do some moving and then lined up and charged.  Good honest fun.

Monday, 27 August 2012

Lisbon 2012

I'm off to play in in Lisbon this weekend.

I will be my first FoGAM comp for the year, so, hope I don't embarrass  myself too much.

Lisbon in a team comp done by country, so, a bunch of Anzacs are flying over from the world to hopefully give a good spanking.

I'll be playing in my favorite pool, the full metal medieval pool.  I'll be bringing in the Medieval Germans with a small twist, a Swiss ally.

The medieval pool has been restricted to some twenty odd lists, of only one which is a skirmisher army (Santa Hermanded), so, the rest of the armies will be proper ones.

I reckon that there will be quite a few Ordonannce French and 100 years war English running around.

At least we can get stuck in.

Wonder who will be in my pool?

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Britcon 2012 wrap up

Back from Britcon 2012 and ended up middle of the pack.

It was a very tough competition (there are never enough bunnies) and I ended up with 66 points.

I had six great games with different armies each time, so, lots of variety

Game 1 0-25 vs Western Sudanese
Game 2 5-20 vs Later Imperial Spanish
Games 3 10-10 vs Early 30 years war Swedish
Game 4 20-5 vs West African Forest
Game 5 10-10 vs Later Imperial Spanish
Game 6 21-4 vs Later German States (Barvarian)

One big surprise of the comp was to see the power of foot armies over the mounted ones.  The guys who got 1st, 2nd and 3rd all had foot armies.

Good to see that you can win a comp with a proper army, unlike the mounted one I brought.

Everywhere I looked there were guys with guns who took me to pieces.

It was lots of fun and I can see my army changing for the next comp.

Britcon 2012

Off to Britcon this weekend for the FoGR competition.  It's an open competition and will be a tough one.

here is the runners and riders for the comp.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Additions to my 6mm British

At Salute this year, I ran into Heroics and Ross and was able to pick up a few additions to my 6mm British modern army.

It's looking pretty well rounded now the army.

Time to start on the next one....  :-)

The F-16

The A-10.  I know it's not British but can you blame me?

Chinook to get you to the battle in style

 Command Unit

Titan Marines

A while ago, Rebel Mins had a 20% sale and I picked up a few of their Titan marines for Tomorrows War. Finally got the chance to sit down and paint them up. Command Unit
Mortar Team
Sniper/Heavy Weapons Team
Inf Team
The Platoon

Britcon 2012

Only a week to go for Britcon 2012! I'm bringing in my Later 30 years War Catholic Imperial Germans. I've made a few changes to the army after the last few games and I'm hoping that I can place better than middle of the pack. Should be fun. Once the runners and riders list has been posted, I'll post a copy here. So far, I know that there will be 22 players for which six of them are big sharks. Eppp!

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Roll Call 2012 wrap up


That was Roll Call 2012. It was a tough competition with my score ending up at 29......

Game 1 vs French Wars Hugeunot 10-10 draw

Both of us lost 9 points but couldn't crack each others army. One thing to note, need to have some medium foot or something to protect my artillery.

Game 2 0-25 vs Mongols

Cav(S) and LH(S) everywhere. An absolute nightmare match up and it all went horribly wrong.

Game 17-3 vs French Wars Catholic.

The armoured keil and knights went in good and proper, tanking out a keil, pike and shot unit, baggage and pretty much mauled one flank. Jon's Swiss pummelled my other knight unit and started a two way fight with my other keil. Good proper game

Game 4 3-22 vs Tartars

See the post re the Mongols but there were some bow who I got to get my knights into .

Another knightmare match up. I really hate cav/light horse armies......

So, the verdict, the imperial Austrians are fun , need to change what I bring I. Though. Not enough shooting, so, need to ditch I think the 2nd keil and have more shoots cav. This will allow me to play with the other cav armies and not have soon many of my points stuck in slow troops. Have to say though, the keil don't die easily.

Thursday, 14 June 2012

15mm Spider

Another purchase from Salute.

This time, it's a 15mm spider tank from GZG.

I'm doing this one up in a desert cam for my soon to be painted Titan inf from Rebel miniatures.

Monday, 4 June 2012

15mm walkers

It's been a while since I posted any pictures of my various projects.

While I was at the GZG shop at Salute 2012, I picked up one of the "crustie" walkers.

Rather than doing a Crustie army, I decided to paint it in a blue scheme up for one of my human armies. I've got a few tanks and infantry from Critical Mass miniatures painted up in this scheme.

The two walkers in the other photo are from Rebel Miniatures. I picked up two of these walkers as well as a platoon of their Mars infantry. They are next on the work bench.

Long time between posts

Work has been manic and haven't had much brain space to blog.

Due to budget cuts, my IT budget has been slashed by 80%, got three office moves in the same month (now) and inhousing our IT support.

It's all happening in this month, so, been busy planning everything.

Hopefully, things will settle down soon.

Hawk Wargames, 10mm sci fi hotness

At Salute this year, a new sci fi company called Hawk Wargames were showing off their new 10mm range. Since then, they have released lots of preview pictures on their Facebook page. I'm not much of a 10mm fan as I've already got my body weight in 6mm and 15mm but they are making it hard to resist. I can see myself buying some of these figures for Future War Commander. You can never have enough walkers in an army. Here is one of their alien walkers Human Flyer Human Walker Human Walker Drop Ship Alien Flyer Alien Robots

Campaign 2012 - Wrap Up

Somehow, I managed to win my period in Division 1! Woot! The results of my game three big wins and two draws. I managed to get my three big wins on the first day which kept my team in Division 1. Central London Mediocre (my team) did pretty well for it's first outing and will be back at Derby 2012. It was impressive to see five Central London teams at Campaign. We ended up with two in FogR & FoGAM and one in DBMMMMM. I am really loving FoGR.

Roll Call 2012

Roll Call 2012 iGuns, s coming up and I'll be entering the FoGR competition. These are the rules for the comp. At Roll Call 2012 there will be one FoG:Renaissance period comprising: 15mm “Early Renaissance”: 800 points, armies as limited below, 72" by 48" tables • Any army from any officially published list dated before 1570 • No Battle Troops with Musket, Musket* or Salvo capability • No mounted troops with Impact Pistol capability I'll be taking my Imperial Austrians in for their first outing. What can I say, I can't stay away from the Holy Roman Empire.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Campaign 2012

I'm off to play at Campaign this weekend. As always, it's held in a shopping mall in Milton Keynes, so, for once, we have a bright airy space with a few choices of food. I'm in a team of three call Central London Mediocre. I'll be playing in period one with my 30 years war later germans.. these are the periods http://mkws.org.uk/index.php?id=149 Period 1 The Reign of Gustavus Aldophus 1617-1632 Early Gustavian Swedish Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth Later Imperial Spanish TYW Danish Early TYW Protestant Early TYW Catholic Early TYW Swedish Later TYW German Protestant Later TYW German Catholic Period 2 War in India 1500-1700 Mongol (till 1504) Mughal Indian Muslim Indian Sinahalese (Hindu Indian) Rajput (Hindu Indian) Hindu Indian Colonial Dutch & Sinhalese allies (allies compulsory) Colonial Portuguese & Hindu Indian allies (allies compulsory) Maratha Period 3 The War of the League of Augsburg 1688-1697 Later Louis XIV French Habsburg Austrian Imperial (Western) Later Spanish Later German States Savoyard Anglo-Dutch Jacobite Irish Scots Jacobite Rebellion Eastern Woodland Indians English Colonial American Dutch Colonial American Colonial French

Monday, 26 March 2012

Challenge 2012

Last weekend I went to Ascot to play in the FoGR competition. A few of us from the Central London club took Friday off and made a long weekend of it. We rocked up around midday and decided to go grab a pint or three in the pub next door. The pub has a beer garden and the sun was shining, so, a long lunch and a few pints were had by all.

Later on got to have a practice game with Don and managed a big win, so, nice way to start the comp.

I brought my Later 30 Years war Catholic imperial Germans and was aiming for middle of the pack. The main focus of the army was the six battle groups or Kurrassiers, superior armoured horse.

Here is my army

C n C Field Commander
3 x Troop Commanders
6 x Kurassiers, Armoured, superior horse with impact and melee pistol
2 x medium artillery
3 x average unarmoured pike and shot
2 x kossaken, light horse with carbines
2 x dragoons units, each with four elements.

Total of 15 battle groups with an initiative of three.

The end result was that I placed third! I ended up with 80 points, one point behind 2nd. My first real trophy playing FoGR (then again, I never placed playing FoG:AM).

All the top seeds were at the comp and my only lose was to the top seed. It was a tight game with Alisadar forcing me to make a few minor mistakes and making the best of it.

The games

Game one, an agreed draw, 9-11 vs 17th century French.

Wouldn't you believe it, Don and I had a practice game the day before, so, guess who I drew for the first game?! Don had a different army to the practice game, so, something different. His army is a very heavily foot focused army and was a bit worried about all of my cav. The terrain fell on the side edges so he had nowhere to hide. After a couple of hours we agreeded a draw after I tried to break thru on one flank and got beaten off. We thought a draw was better than the two of us not committing as he couldn't risk coming out of his defensive position and his foot troops wouldn't go disrupted for me to risk another charge.

Game 2 , 22-3 vs 30 Years War protestant Germans

First big win of the comp. a civil war between the catholics and protestants. I sent one light horse on a flank march which thru my opponent off for a while. It thru his strong push on one flank into disarray and gave me time to break a few units of his cav with my artillery.

Game 3, 3-23 vs Later Imperial Austrian

And, my first big lose as I bobbed up to the top table and ran into Alisdar.

I don't know how he bet me, but I found myself being picked off one unit at a time. I did manage to break a few of his units and my flank march arrived on the turn I broke.

Game 4, 25-0 vs Later Sudanese.

First time I faced this type of army. It's very much a fogam army with lots of bow and spear foot. My cav was a lot stronger than his, so, I didn't need to worry about charging him. This gave me time to focus on breaking a few of his average cav units and disruppting his foot. In the impact phase, my cav were on a double plus vs the inf and it went down hill very quickly. The Sudanese were a lot bigger than my army (19 bgs) but in the end, quality trumped quantity.

Game 5, 24-1 vs Later Swedish.

So, the big game, playing for third. I ran into the ref, Kevin and his tough swedes.

Lucky for me, the terrain was almost all on the base lines which didn't leave the swedes anywhere to hid.

I kept one artillery battle group for deployment in the last phase and surprised his determined horse. I won the initiative, so, the swedes moved first. By the end of my first turn, one of his determined horse was fragmented, the dragoon attack on the other flank halted and it went down hill from there. I had on my left hand flank vs the determined horse four of my armoured horse and proceeded to break them soon afterwards. Soon afterwards, both dragoons had been broken and the Swedish foot found itself surrounded and the army broke shortly afterwards.

So, a great comp and my first podium placing. Now, can I do it again at Campaign in May....

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

FoF game last night

Got to bring out FoF to the table last night and we had a hoot.

Got to have three games in one night. I brought my 20mm US Marines and British to the table.

We each took turns playing the US Marines. The scenario was the Marines were guarding an important intersection and the British were trying to capture it.

The British won the first round with help from a very fortunate Fog of War card played on the US. They thought that there was going to be a gas attack, so, kitted up in their NBC gear. This caused their quality to drop a level which gave the British an advantage.

The next two games we changed things a bit and played a night time game. A squad of SAS had to infiltrate the table and take out the squad protecting the intersection. They were armed with silenced weapons and the yanks had three more inf squads in various barracks.

In both games, the SAS failed to meet their objectives. Once squad of veteran SAS can't take on a platoon of average troops, though, they did give the Yanks a very bloody nose in the first game.

The game was a hoot, we had a lot of fun and with the new cheat sheets, it flowed nicely.

We got stuck in and even got to have a tank and a couple of HMMMV with TOWs on the table.

There were lots of Fog of War cards played which added lots of spice to the game.

Looking forward to playing more.

Campaign 2012

Looks like the Central London club will be able to field two teams for Campaign 2012 for the Renaissance competition.

I'm going to be in Period 1, so, most likely my 30 Years War Germans, but will see how they go this weekend at The Challenge.

The real attraction with Campaign is that it's a themed comp and limited army choices. In my period, there are only 8 armies and 25 years difference.

These are the armies that are going to be available.

Period 1
The Reign of Gustavus Aldophus 1617-1632
Early Gustavian Swedish
Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth
Later Imperial Spanish
TYW Danish
Early TYW Protestant
Early TYW Catholic
Early TYW Swedish
Later TYW German Protestant
Later TYW German Catholic

Period 2
War in India 1500-1700
Mongol (till 1504)
Mughal Indian
Muslim Indian
Sinahalese (Hindu Indian)
Rajput (Hindu Indian)
Hindu Indian
Colonial Dutch & Sinhalese allies (allies compulsory)
Colonial Portuguese & Hindu Indian allies (allies compulsory)

Period 3
The War of the League of Augsburg 1688-1697
Later Louis XIV French
Habsburg Austrian Imperial (Western)
Later Spanish
Later German States
Jacobite Irish
Scots Jacobite Rebellion
Eastern Woodland Indians
English Colonial American
Dutch Colonial American

Colonial French

The Challenge

This weekend I'm off to Ascot for the Challenge. I'm taking my 30 years War Later Germans, Catholic. I've got Friday off as well, so, going to make a three day event. There may be a few pints involved.

I'm hoping that I can improve my score, so, let's see if I can get two wins.

Big game of Russians vs British

A few weeks ago Michael and I got to have a big game of Cold War Commander.

10,000 points of Russians vs 5,000 points of British, with no troops after 1990.

We played the game over two tables with the Russians trying to break thru the British defenses.

The Brits put up a good defense but there were just too many Russians.

It was a great game, lots of airstrikes, air assaults, artillery and tanks.

Even with that many points on the table, the game still flowed nicely.

Looking forward to the next game.

Need to buy a few new figures though, need more tanks!

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Burton FoGR Doubles

So, this weekend I was up in the brewing capital of the UK playing FoGR and drinking whisky.

I teamed up with Dave A from the club and we used a Scotish army and managed to place fifth! We were playing for third place on the final round when we ran up against Alistar and Paddy....

So, not too bad, we only lost our army to the 1st and 2nd seeds...

here are the results

1 Alasdair Harley Paddy Bray Early Ottoman 78
2 Kevin Johnson Ben Jones Early Danish 70
3 Wayne Charlton Lynette Maxim Japanese 50
4 Mick Hood Stu Tonge L Imp Austrian 49
5 Dave Allen S LeRay Meyer Scottish 46
6 Adrian Steer M Whittaker Early Russian 45
7 Neil Duffell Alan Cole Early Ottoman 39
8 Paul Freeman French Hugenot 39
9 Peter Davis Dave Baynham C Imperialist 36
10 Jason Dawson Lr Dutch 80YW 35
11 Paul Greenwood Tony Rodwell L Imp Austrian 32
12 Richard Bason Ian Wilson E Hen English 16

Saturday, 18 February 2012

USK 2012

Bit of a late post, but I got to go to Usk for the first FoGR comp of the year. Usk is a small town in Wales and is the home of the author of FoG and FoGR.

The comp was a themed comp with any army before 1600AD and no musket troops. I partnered up with Tim ( the mad axeman) and his French Hugonauts.

We managed to place fifth, so very happy with that.

For the battle reports, go to www.madaxeman.com

Burton 2012

I'm off to Burton for the FoGR doubles competition. I'm partnering with Dave A from the club and we are using his Scots Covenant army.

Should be interesting to play.

The comp is a themed comp, all armies before 1600AD and no musket troops.

This is the same as the last comp in USK which was a hoot.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Godendag FoGR comp

First comp of the year.

It's a doubles comp in Usk, Wales. We are entering the FogR with a Louis the 12th army (I think).

The comp is themed, so, no armies with muskets. That's our period.

Will be interesting to see how all of the mass bow armies go.

As always, there will be a pint and curry.....


So, it's 2012.

let's see if I can do better with my comp scores.

Looking to move from the 1 big lose, 1 big win and two loosing draws.