Sunday, 31 May 2015

Central London - Southern League FoGR 1 Day comp

I'm organising the one day FoGR comp in London as part of Southern League circuit

These are the details

Period - Rise of Gustavus Adophus

Date - Sunday 26th July
Venue - The Escape Sports Bar, 2 Lidlington Place, Regents Park, London NW1 2JU (2 minutes walk from Mornington Crescent tube). If you want to drive, parking is controlled on Sundays in the streets immediately around the pub, but if free a couple of blocks away (in some streets which may be somewhat less secure?) - otherwise there are car parks nearby as well
• Format – 3 x 2.5hr games
Date Range - 1618 - 1648
Lists allowed

Later 80 Years War Dutch
Later Imperial Spanish
Early 17th Century French
30 Years War Dutch
Early 30 Years German Catholic
Early 30 Years German Protestant
Later 30 Years Germans
Early Swedish
Later Swedish
30 Years War French
30 Years War Peninsular Spanish
Early Restoration Portuguese
Early Gustavan Swedish

All army lists must conform to the following restrictions
6 battle troop foot bases per artillery

The cost will be £10, and any excess after paying for the venue and prizes will be put behind the bar as a tab. You will be able and expected to "buy at least a couple of drinks during the day and order a curry for lunch" as a condition of entry.

We will aim for a (civilized) 10:00ish start time, so curry lunch at 1pm-ish, so we can all aim to be done by around 730-ish pm.
We can definitely fit 10 tables in, and I think we can get up to 12, so at least 20 people can enter.
Pay on the day

Its 15mm and 800AP, but we might make deployment zones a little deeper for battle troops so everyone gets stuck in quickly.

Lists to me by the 10th July please

FoGR - Late Medieval Generals

My repainted generals for my late medieval armies

ADLG - Early Imperial Romans

My Christmas project, 15mm Early Imperial Romans for ADLG.

I've based them up for ADLG, so, they are double sized bases compared to the usual DBx basing standard.

The Generals

The Camp with Auxilia marching past


Superior Auxilia


Roman Heavy Cav

Light Horse armed with Javelins

Light Foot Javelin

Light Foot Bow

FoGR - 30 Years War Generals

My prize at the Hannover competition was 8 Cuirassier general figures and here they are all painted up.

FoGR - Eastern Generals

My Eastern Mongol/Turk/Russian horse army generals.

finally can now field a full army

FoGR - Eastern Mounted Bow

Finally sat down and painted up my last mounted bow.  These will be used for generic superior bow for various FoGR armies.  

Gruntz - Tank Assault!

Tamsin and I got Gruntz onto the table again.  The scenario was 300 points to Tamsin's tanks deployed off the table and had to get a randomly chosen vehicle off the other side of the table.

I had 250 points of infantry deployed on the table with no more than 100 points of tanks.

So, my UNSC deployed their newest tank, the Spider Heavy Assault tank.  Let's see how well a tank designed by committee and the lowest tender goes.

The table with a small settlement (buildings from the Ion Age range)

Tamsin's german tanks deployed off table, ready to move on

Hover Missile launcher tank

Hover tank with big gun

Hover AA tank, lots of barrels

The tanks arrive on table, it doesn't start well for the UNSC, a heavy missile launcher team get's killed in one turn.

The UNSC manage to kill one tank, but are getting hammered.  The Germans have built their tanks well

The Spider Assault tank fails to tank down the enemy tanks and gets nailed shortly afterwards

In the end, the UNSC were over run by the Germans very convincingly.  A committee has been formed to review the procurement of the tank to determine why it failed to meet set specifications.

Monday, 11 May 2015

The return of Ambush Alley rule set

The team over at Ambush Alley games have announced the return of their original set of rules, Ambush Alley.

I'm interested to see what they do with the rules as while the Force on Force rules are a lot of fun, they do have a high learning curve. 

I like their approach to not trying to ditch the current set of FoF rules and expansions like other vendors do.

FoF is one of those games that I want to play more of, just never get the time to do it.....

From the Ambush Alley site

When we followed Ambush Alley  up with the first edition of Force on Force in 2008, we expanded the scope of the game to larger, more conventional battlefields. Little did we know that book would attract the attention of Osprey Publishing and make Force on Force our major focus for nearly four years. After publishing a 2nd edition of FoF and eight companion books behind, we found ourselves nostalgic for the tighter scope of Ambush Alley
What's more, we've learned a lot in the past eight years (you guys are good teachers), and we really wanted to apply those lessons without gutting Force on Force. We're well aware that many of you have sunk a lot of your hard earned cash in FoF and its eight companion books and we really didn't feel right about putting out a new edition - it wouldn't have been a money grab, but it sure might have looked like one to some folks. We pride ourselves on being a game company run by gamers for gamers, so the last thing we want is to look like we're falling into some sort of planned obsolescence based version release strategy. We decided it would be a much better idea to kill two birds with one stone by putting out a new version of our much loved Ambush Alley  rules that incorporates the lessons we've learned in the "FoF years."

Campaign 2015

Last weekend the Central London team went off to the shopping mecha of Milton Keynes for the team competition, Campaign.

Campaign is one of our favourite comps as the themes are very tight and usually the power armies are excluded.

These were the periods for this years comp.

The Periods

1) By popular acclaim:
Last Trumpet of the Elephants, Southern Asia 1650-1698
Minimum of 4 Elephant bases, no more than 16 bases of Superior Battle Troops
Vietnamese (May have Khmer allies)
Thai Burmese and Khmer (May have Portuguese allies)
Indonesian or Malaccan (must be an option that has Elephants),(may have Dutch allies if Johor Sultanate)
Hindu Indian (May have Dutch allies if Sinhalese Kingdom)
Muslim Indian

2) Close one but more peasants than religious fanatics in today’s war gamers:
Peasant Revolts and their Overlords. An army must have as many poor bases as it has sup/elite bases. (mob and LF count towards these totals)
Peasant Wars (Please specify your uprising)
German States 1524-1526 (may have German State allies, and use South or East Germany options)
Maximillian Imperial (no Italy options) 1514-1516
Hungarian 1514
Vasa Swedish 1542-1543 (Any bases may be downgraded too Poor to obey the poor/sup rule)
Early Danish 1534-1536 

3) A tie so Umpires choice:
Friends and Enemies of Charles II and his wife 1660-1685. 
Later Dutch included as although the war was fought at sea, there could have been a land battle.
Restoration British (Includes Tangiers and In Scotland options)
Later Spanish (Spain only)
Late Restoration Portuguese
North African States
Covenanting Rebels
Monmouth Rebellion
Later Dutch

I went for period 3 and took Later Dutch.

There were five teams and five games, so, the draw was nice and easy, everyone fights everyone.

We ended up 2nd place, which were very happy with.  Even better, the 2nd place prize was chocolate, so, something for the missus!

I managed three wins, a draw and a loss.