Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Burton FoGR Doubles

So, this weekend I was up in the brewing capital of the UK playing FoGR and drinking whisky.

I teamed up with Dave A from the club and we used a Scotish army and managed to place fifth! We were playing for third place on the final round when we ran up against Alistar and Paddy....

So, not too bad, we only lost our army to the 1st and 2nd seeds...

here are the results

1 Alasdair Harley Paddy Bray Early Ottoman 78
2 Kevin Johnson Ben Jones Early Danish 70
3 Wayne Charlton Lynette Maxim Japanese 50
4 Mick Hood Stu Tonge L Imp Austrian 49
5 Dave Allen S LeRay Meyer Scottish 46
6 Adrian Steer M Whittaker Early Russian 45
7 Neil Duffell Alan Cole Early Ottoman 39
8 Paul Freeman French Hugenot 39
9 Peter Davis Dave Baynham C Imperialist 36
10 Jason Dawson Lr Dutch 80YW 35
11 Paul Greenwood Tony Rodwell L Imp Austrian 32
12 Richard Bason Ian Wilson E Hen English 16

Saturday, 18 February 2012

USK 2012

Bit of a late post, but I got to go to Usk for the first FoGR comp of the year. Usk is a small town in Wales and is the home of the author of FoG and FoGR.

The comp was a themed comp with any army before 1600AD and no musket troops. I partnered up with Tim ( the mad axeman) and his French Hugonauts.

We managed to place fifth, so very happy with that.

For the battle reports, go to www.madaxeman.com

Burton 2012

I'm off to Burton for the FoGR doubles competition. I'm partnering with Dave A from the club and we are using his Scots Covenant army.

Should be interesting to play.

The comp is a themed comp, all armies before 1600AD and no musket troops.

This is the same as the last comp in USK which was a hoot.