Thursday, 10 May 2012

Campaign 2012

I'm off to play at Campaign this weekend. As always, it's held in a shopping mall in Milton Keynes, so, for once, we have a bright airy space with a few choices of food. I'm in a team of three call Central London Mediocre. I'll be playing in period one with my 30 years war later germans.. these are the periods Period 1 The Reign of Gustavus Aldophus 1617-1632 Early Gustavian Swedish Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth Later Imperial Spanish TYW Danish Early TYW Protestant Early TYW Catholic Early TYW Swedish Later TYW German Protestant Later TYW German Catholic Period 2 War in India 1500-1700 Mongol (till 1504) Mughal Indian Muslim Indian Sinahalese (Hindu Indian) Rajput (Hindu Indian) Hindu Indian Colonial Dutch & Sinhalese allies (allies compulsory) Colonial Portuguese & Hindu Indian allies (allies compulsory) Maratha Period 3 The War of the League of Augsburg 1688-1697 Later Louis XIV French Habsburg Austrian Imperial (Western) Later Spanish Later German States Savoyard Anglo-Dutch Jacobite Irish Scots Jacobite Rebellion Eastern Woodland Indians English Colonial American Dutch Colonial American Colonial French