Sunday, 5 October 2014

Oxford Doubles


now that Derby is over, on to planning Oxford.

what to bring.....

Derby FoGR Doubles

The Central London club went up to Derby this weekend for the FoGR competition and we managed to place 2nd!

The comp was a teamed event with three of us per side and I took the middle period.

Here is the runners and riders for my period

Game 1 vs Andy's Later TYW Swedish 21-4
Game 2 vs Ben's TYW French, 10 all draw.  Ben and I stared each other off across the table, an hour later after the guns finally ran out of targets we realised that we weren't going to get a result, so we called a draw and started again.  We played the next game to a draw, not for the lack of trying though.
He's got a tough army.
Game 3 vs Keith's Early TYW Swedish 20 -5.  The Elite foot earnt their pay this game, the swedish foot slammed into then and they held out for long enough for the rest of the army to get stuck into the salvo foot with guns and break them.
Game 4 vs Richard's Later 30Y Swedish.  So, fighting for 1st place, both of us went for it and not for lack of trying we walked away with a 10 all draw.  It started off all good with me fragmenting a six pack by round four but couldn't break them till after another two hours.  They recovered and then just wouldn't die. This allowed Richard's army to come in a solid line and started shooting me.

Lots of fun and four great games.