Monday, 15 June 2020

ADLG-R June 2020 Update

I've been making use of the lockdown and finished revising and updating the ADLG-R supplement. Thanks to everyone who had a play with the first draft and provided lots of useful feedback.

This supplement allows you to play the Renaissance period on an ADLG table with minimal to no rebasing.

These are an unofficial fan supplement to the v3 version of ADLG rules that Herve has allowed me to release as a free PDF. You need to have the ADLG rules to play, this is just a supplement to cover the Renaissance period. If you don't have a copy of the ADLG rules, you can email Herve via the ADLG website and buy a PDF version of them for 5 euros.

The ultimate desire is to have these made an official supplement.

There are 80 or so lists covering Western Europe thru to Asia from 1500 to 1696.

The army lists, rules, QRS and a deployment sheet can be found here, in Dropbox.

I will be updating these for v4 once its released.


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