Sunday, 25 April 2010

6mm scifi terrain

Couple of pictures of some scifi terrain I picked up at Salute. Really nice stuff and not too expensive. The entire geohex complex cost £8.

I am going to pick up some more one day

Geo hex complex


Power generator

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Salute 2010


Went to Salute 2010 today, first time and was impressed. It's held at the ExCel centre here in London and is basically a big hall packed full of vendors and demo games. I managed to pick up a bunch of stuff and got to have a look at a lot of new vendors. Got to see a bunch of very nice 6mm figures from Brigade Models and Dark Realm miniatures. Very very nice.

There were a few guys dressed up as Star Wars characters, a Darlek and vikings.

Couple of photo

Photo inside

Storm Troopers, Darth Vadar and Luke Sky Walker

The Ultimate Evil, EXTERMINATE!

Space Marine in front of GW booth

Governance of Technology demo game. This is the new 25mm scifi hotness

Campaign @ Milton Keynes

Off to Campaign in Milton Keynes in a couple of weeks. Will be a different style of comp as the list of armies is very restricted. It's designed to have a narrow time period and historical armies fighting each other.

I'm entering the middle ages group which has;

Feudal Polish
Mongol Invasion
Early Russian
Early Hungarian

Will be interested to see how it goes.

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Challenge @ Ascot

Just got back from the Challenge Field of Glory competition at Ascott. I managed to get nine games over three days (four practice and five comp games) and ended up with two wins, two loses and a draw.


Rnd 1 Timurids , result Win
Rnd 2 Hun Chinese, result Lose
Rnd 3 Santa Maria de Hermandid. Draw. It wasn't for lack of trying, both of us just couldn't break each other.
Rnd 4 Arab Conquest, result Lose
Rnd 5 Ottoman Turks, result Win

I am pretty happy with the results. I lost against the Hun Chinese and Arab Conquest due to the mass of supported foot who I could not break. In the end, I got pushed to the end of the table and got crushed. As a skirmisher army, they were my worst nightmare. Time to rethink all of the light foot, they worked well, but I think that four battle groups of them was a bit too much. Maybe got for just a couple and have more real troops.

The comp was nice and relaxed with a pint of beer for 2 quid, so, you have to be happy with that.

I'll be back next year.