Sunday, 20 November 2011

Warfare 2011 wrap up

So, overall the Germans did OK. Nothing spectacular, just OK. The choice of light horse didn't really add much to the army. They managed to get killed off in most games and didn't really add much to the game.

One thing I need to add is some rough terrain troops. The pike and shot can't do difficult terrain, which caused me some issues.

Ohh well, back to the drawing board and time to get ready for the next comp.

Warfare rnd 4

8-12 lose to Muslem Indians.

Managed to pull a draw out of the bag vs what started out as a bad matchup. My opponent had six elephants, lots of shooty cav and his flank march arrived.

Very frustrating game as my run of 1s continued for much of the game.

Curse the dice gods!

Warfare rnd 3

23-2 win to me vs Early Ottoman Turks.

Finally got a win! Played against my first ca shooty army in FoGR and pulled a win out of the bag.

It wasn't that I won in some ways, I just rolled less 1s than my opponent. Both of us had extremely bad dice. During two rounds of charging and evading, six out of eight evade/persuit rolls were 1s.......

I did manage to kill three generals in close combat.


Saturday, 19 November 2011

Warfare rnd 2

20-5 lose vs Swedes.

Note to self, never charge pike and shot into salvo foot, it won't end well. Made a few mistakes and my opponent, Andy, was there to take advantage of them.


Better luck next round.

Warfare rnd 1

9-11 vs Hungarian Translyvanian.

First game and a minor lose. Both of us tried to break thru but couldn't.

The first few rounds of movement. The Hungarians sent their cab and light horse down one flank

The Hungarian dragoons claim the hill

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

first game of tomorrows war

Going to be having my first game of Tomorrows War tomorrow night. Hoping that the game stands up to the hype.

going to be bringing my 15mm GZG figures out for their first run.

runners and riders for Warfare 2011

The runners and riders list has been published for Warfare. Lots of sharks and tough armies

Tim Porter - Early 30YW Swedish
Alisdair Harley - Later Imperial Austrian
Simon Clarke - Buccaneer
Martin Van Tol - Early Thirty Years War German Catholic
Richard Bodley-Scott (Umpire) - Early Ottoman
Dave M Allen - Eastern Woodlands Culture
Don McHugh - Muslim Indian
Don Avis - Later Imperial Spanish
Ben Jones - Late Louis XIV French
Adrian Steer - War of the League of Augsburg Anglo-Dutch
Paddy Bray - Early Danish
Peter Davis - Dutch 80YW
Allan Saull - Hungarian Transylvanian
Lance Flint - Later 30YW German
Simon LeRay-Meyer - Later 30YW German
Richard Young - Central Sudanese
Nick Overland - Early Ottoman
Kevin Johnson - Later Swedish
Rob Horn - ECW Parliamentarian
Peter Alexander - Early 30YW Swedish
Stewart Johnson - War of the League of Augsburg Anglo-Dutch
Peter Foster - Later Polish and Lithuanian
Andy Kitcher - Later Swedish
Pete Dalby - Early 30YW Swedish
Dave Parish - Early 30YW Swedish
Nik Gaukroger - Habsburg Austrian Imperial
Steve Hammond - Swiss
Jim Gibson (Floater) - Later ECW Royalist

Sunday, 30 October 2011

20mm Force on Force

One of the guys in the club is getting into Force on Force with me and has a large collection of 20mm figures. So, you know what happened next..... trolling ebay, I found some 20mm plastics and painted them up.

I'll post some pictures soon.

When I was up at Derby a few weeks ago, I picked up some more 20mm figures from the Bring and Buy, so, I reckon I got enough for the next little while. I can now do US, British and "Insurgents". Can't do any arabic insurgents, mine are all european.

20mm looks really good for Force on Force with the figures on individual bases.

I'm going to go back and rebase my 15mm figures using the Flames of War bases as I prefer the 15mm figures on FoW bases.

Need to do my heavy weapons as a priority as they look terrible. You can't spot them out, they look like the rest.

SELWG 2011

A couple of weekends ago I went down to the South East London Wargames Group's show called SELWG. It's a one day trade and show event held down in Crystal Palace.

It's a great vendor show, lots of vendors who don't go to many of the smaller comps. They also have lots of great demo games in a variety of periods.

One that caught my eye was an Israeli vs Lebanon gaming being played in 10mm using Cold War Commander.

Another game I saw was a Vietnam gaming in I think 15mm. They had a 15mm Chinook on the table

This was a 15mm WWII game set in a Polish city

15mm grav tank

With the release of Tomorrow's War, I finally got the motivation to finish my 15mm grav tank that I bought at Warfare last year.

It's from Critical Mass Miniatures

Photos of the tank

Tommorrow's War is out!

The full version of Tomorrows War has finally been released to the masses.

Picked up my copy a few days ago and hoping to get a full of the club into it.

Time to finish off my 15mm sci fi figures.

Warfare 2011


only a couple of weeks till the final wargaming comp for me for the year. I'm off to Reading to play in Warfare's FoGR comp. Looks like the FoGR comp could be bigger than the FoGAM comp, so, WOOT!

I'm bringing in my 30 Years War Later Germans, Imperial version.

Let's see if I've learnt anything from the last few comps.....

I've added in some more skirmishers to the mix, so, 15 battle groups, four skirmishers, two artillery, five pike & shot, two of which are superior, four superior cav units.

here's hoping!

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Derby 2011 wrap up

So, that was Derby 2011.

Had a good comp with very good opponents and no rules lawering. Got frustrated with just having 12 bgs. You need to have at least 14, if you aren't that great a player.

Now, Warfare is in a month....

Where is my Renaissance army....

Derby 2011, rnd 4

Final game and a big win. Had a civil war facing another Anglo-Norman army.

My opponent suffered from a catastrophic meele round which saw his centre disappear in one turn due a unit breaking. It cause another three units to break.

Derby 2011, rnd 3

And I got flushed! Ran up against an Andalusian army that rolled me. Couldn't win a close combat to save my life and went down in the final bound. All my spear needed to do was hold on and by routing, broke the army.

Facing an army with four more battle groups than you is hard work.

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Derby rnd 2

Well, I got put bakc in my box. Just got thrashed with a 1-24 result. Was playing against an Irish army. Lots of medium foot running around and I rolled some crud dice. My opponenet was kind enough to use this to his advantage and pick me to pieces.

Hopefully, better luck next game

Derby 2011 rnd 1

Woot! Got a big win. Hopefully it won't be my only win for the comp.

I played a Feudal Castilian arm with my Anglo Normans. Got lucky early in the game and managed to break thru one flank.

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Force on Force this Monday

Got my first game if Force in Force on Monday. We are going to be playing a couple of scenarios from Enduring Freedom. Basically. An excuse to get some USMC soldiers on the table with a few bradleys in support.

Should be a lot of fun

Derby 2011

Off to Derby 2011 next weekend.

Going to be borrowing an Anglo Norman army for the first time. I'm playing in the pre heavy armoured knights period, so should be interesting.

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Dreamforge Games released Mechs for the Republic

Dreamforge games have released these mechs. They look like they have been inspired by the mecs from The Matrix.

Hopefully they have armour instead of having the driver exposed....

Antenociti’s Workshop preview new 3D models

Antenociti Workshop have released preview pics of their new mecs, the American Legion Warrior Mec. These look really sweet. They are going to stand around 8cm high, so, that is going to be a decent mech in 15mm.

Hope they have these on display at SELWG later this year.

Micro Art Studio - Infinity District 5 Apartment 1 Terrain

Micro Art Studio revealed new terrain for Infinity, the District 5 Apartment 1 building:

`these are very nice, Ghost in the Shell style building. I'm very tempted to pick up a few of these for Tomorrow's War and other 15mm/20mm skirmisher games

new gaming blog, Tabletop Gaming Fix

Found a new gaming blog today called Tabletop Gaming Fix.

always good to find a new gaming blog.

they are located here

Friday, 9 September 2011

20mm Moderns

One of the guys in the London club is interested in playing Force on Force and has a lot of 20mm figures.

you know what happened next....

I picked up a box of 20mm modern day US for £8 delivered. Not bad for 40 odd figures.

I've opened up the box and the figures look quite nice.

I can see the attraction with 20mm, there is quite a decent range out there for 1/72 or 20mm and they are not badly priced.

Now, to pick up some terrorists and russians.

wonder if I can find some French Foreign Legion

Monday, 15 August 2011

Britcon 2011 - List of Armies

Here are all the armies that were in the Renaissance competition

TYW French
Later Swedish
ECW Parliamentarian
Later Louis XIV French
Later Imperial Austrian
Later Imperial Austrian
Early 30YW Swedish
Habsburg Austrian Imperial
Early 30YW Swedish
Later Louis XIV French
Later Danish
Later 30YW German Protestant
Early 30YW German Catholic
Later ECW Royalist
Later ECW Royalist
Later Russian
Hungarian Kuroc Rebellion
Early 30YW German Protestant
Early 30YW Swedish
Later Louis XIV French
Later Louis XIV French
Later 30YW German Catholic

opps, I bought some squats.....

At Britcon I managed to pick up some squats and various other epic stuff.

Not going to start a Squat army though, I really wanted the Colossus, Leviathan and the moles and termites.

Anyone want some artillery and gyrocopters?


Britcon 2011 - Wrap up

Well, that was Britcon 2011.

It was my first Britcon playing FoGR and had a lot of fun. I ended up middle of the pool with two nightmare match ups for the last two rounds.

My first game was against the 2nd seed of the competition. We ended up facing each other due to his name being lost in the draw and I was the last person without an opponent....

Just what I wanted, two swiss players for the last rounds. At least I didn't end up loosing 25-0 to them, I made both players work for it, ending up with an 18-7 lose. With both games, I just needed one more battle group to break their armies, pity that to get that would involve beating an elite Keil.....

so, the games were

Later Louis the 14th French 1-24
Later 30 years War German 25-0
Austrian Imperial 7-13
Later Louis the 14th French 19-6
Swiss 7-18
Swiss 7-18

Total points 66

Britcon 2011

Off to Britcon this weekend for three days for gaming and the occasional pint.

I'm going to be playing in the FoGR competition with my trusty 30 years War Later Germans.

Let's hope I don't run into too many Swiss.....

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Colonial Marines, sorry, Exterminators in 15mm

Khurasan have released a 15mm "Xenomorph" eradication squad.

They look really nice.

Khurasan are doing some really nice stuff in 15mm. It's becoming hard to resist ordering some of their figures.

"It's just another bug hunt!

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Campaign 2011, the results

Game 1 - Later ECW Royalist, draw
Game 2 - Parliamentarian, loosing draw
Game 3 - New Model Army, big lose
Game 4 - Scots Royalist, big win
Game 5 - Later ECW Royalist, loosing draw

so, FoGR is a lot of fun and I can see myself playing it more and more. I think that FoGAM will be moved to my secondary game now...

Long live Pike and Shot

Campaign 2011


the end result of Campaign for me was middle of the pack. I managed a win which was great. I hoped for more, but, nope.

So, the results was, 1 big win, two big loses and three draws.

The dice gods are fickle.

Now, time to practice for Britcon in August

Firestorm armada

Spartan Games have a space battle game called Firestorm Armada. I haven't paid much attention to it as I'm more of a Full Thrust player, but, I've been watching their new releases and they are looking good.

I'm thinking maybe to pick up a few of these figures later on to use with Full Thrust. They are currently redoing their entire line with models that have been designed in CAD, rather than the old fashioned way.

they look nice!

The Persecution class battleship

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Campaign game 1

Early English civil war vs late English civil war.

Result 10-10

First game and a draw. Not for lack of trying, bot of us were one point off breaking and every unit on the table was either in combat or busy shooting .

My opponent got lucky with the terrain and had a large enclosed field to anchor his forces. All of his medium foot muskets ran for that and proceeded to dig in.

All fun

The enclosed field with the cavaliers busy fighting to one side

Everyone piling in for a fight

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Campaign 2011

Off to Campaign this weekend.

I'm playing in the English Civil war period and looking forward to it.

There may be curry and beer involved....

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Campaign 2011

These are the armies that I could be facing at Campaign this weekend

English Revolution (1639-1650)

Early Caroline English
Scots Covenanter
Scots Royalist
Confederate Irish
Early English Civil War Royalist
English Civil War Parliamentarian
Later English Civil War Royalist
New Model Army

Yet again, it will be held in the mail.

As is says on the entry brochure, "I didn't know that this would be here when I agreed to come shopping!"

Campaign 2011

Off to Campaign 2011 this weekend.

I'm going to be playing in the English civil war FoGR comp.

8 different armies allowed, about 20 years span, all fun.

I'm going to be brining in a Later Royalist army, heavy on the superior Cavaliers.

Let's see if I can do any better this comp compared to Rampage.

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Rampage 2011

Few photos of the Ming vs Swedish.

The swedes were slightly surrounded....

Ming light artillery

Ming medium artillery

Ming heavy artillery

The swedes advancing into the rough

Overview of the game

Rampage 2011 Swiss vs Germans

Last game of the comp, the dreaded Swiss.

Nuff said. :-)

I did manage to get his camp and crossbow skirmishers. The Swiss captured my artillery and then proceeded to fire them more effective than me. :-(

Rampage game 2 Ming vs Germans

So, my first big lose. Playing against the Ming, I discovered the power of battle groups of 8 with bow an a regimental gun. 9 dice shooting in effective range. Ow ow ow

I just got shredded by shooting.

At least I managed to catch his horse from the rear when they tried to evade.

Rampage game 1 Danish vs Germans

First game of the comp and I got a loosing draw.

My determined horse failed to do their part and broke, leaving my flank all open.

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Rampage practice game

Had my first and only practice game for rampage 2011. My opponent brought is Swiss vs my 30 years war later Germans.

Damn, elite armoured pike are scarey!

He only had 8 battle groups for 800 points, but 5 of them were elite Keil blocks.

Ow ow ow

Friday, 24 June 2011

Rampage this weekend

Rampage is this weekend and I'm looking forward to it. First FoGR comp and I'm bringing my 30 years war later Germans.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Rampage 2011

Off to Rampage 2011 this weekend, bringing on my 30 years war Germans with me for their first outing.

I expect to get hammered, but it will be good

Friday, 3 June 2011

Force on Force

Just picked up e new version of For e on Force and the first supplemnent, Road to Bagdad.

From ute little I've flicked thru so far, it looks very nice. I see the publishing arrangement with Osprey has worked like how it did with Field of Glory. Nicely laid out, lots of colour and pictures.

More to come,

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

The Arms Dealer

Every milita needs a arms dealer and here he is with some of the latest weapons for their selection.

6mm Modern British

Here is my British army for Cold War Commander. I've found a few guys at the club who are keen for a bit of modern day action. We are focusing on the the end of the cold war period so ATGW is still effective.

The figures are from Heroics and Ross. They are not as detailed as GHQ, but they are cheap and heck on the table top you don't notice.

Lynx attack helicopter


Commander in Chief

Forward Air Observer

The army


"Company" transport

"Company" contractors or executives need appropriate transport and the 4x4 is it. Perfectly suitable to stash arms/money/prisoners in the back.

6mm Tyranids

Finally based up my Tyranid infantry, if you can call six claws on legs infantry.

I've given up trying to buy more 'nids on eBay. They are just to too expensive. There are a bunch of other 6mm vendors who do similar figures.

I'll post their details when I find them.


Various 'nids

More 'nids

Even more 'nids



6mm royal marines

Couple of pictures of my 6mm royal marines that I've just finished painting up. I'll post a picture or two of their chinook.

Time to storm the beaches!

Saturday, 21 May 2011

10mm for modern day?

Hmmm, was looking at my 10mm WWII figures and was thinking that 10mm moderns could look good. Might work well for force on force.

Question is, do I need another scale?

Friday, 20 May 2011

Bkc at the club

Bkc made a resurgence at the club this week. There was a game of CWC and BKC running which was great to see.

I picked up some 10mm British at Warfare last year for BKC. Time to start basing them up.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Campaign 2011

Campaign is on again. Its a great idea for a comp, five armies in a limited time pool. People go in a team of three and each has to play in a different pool.

The comp is also held in the middle of a shopping mall to attract new players and garner interest.

Sure beats a dingy hall.

This is going to be my pool for this year;

Post-Viking Scandinavian (Sweden)

Early Russian

Early Teutonic Knights

Golden Horde (Mongol Invasion

Feudal Polish

Roll Call 201 wrap up

So, overall, I ended up with one win, a big lose and two loosing draws.

It was a good comp, the Hungarians did well but have to work out how to protect my flanks. The undrilled cav just don't cut it.

Back to the drawing board for the next comp.

Roll Call 4

Hang Su

18-7 win!

First big win for the comp! It was a big battle for both us, nine broken battle groups on my side.

Finally managed to get my bow firing effectively and routed two units and caused his heavy foot to go disrupted just before my knights went in

Roll call game 3

Hang Su


Ow ow ow, a shark who had been knocked down to my end of the pool was after blood. A couple mistakes made and not being able to shoot anything caused my demise. Guess also letting his cav (s) into my flanks wasn't the best of ideas.

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Roll Call game 2

Serbians vs Middle Hungarians

11-9 to the serbs.

My opponent was very tough, he's beat me the last four games so I was pretty worried. His knights ploughed into mine and preceeded to loose causing the centre of the table to collapse. He made up for it by taking my camp and my right flank.

Couple more turns and my knights would have pushed him off the table and light foot into his camp.

Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Roll Call game 1

Japanese vs Hungarians

12-8 win to the Japanese

Well, first game and I ran up against. Japanese army. I thought my pool was meant to be mounted? My opponent was mostly armoured medium foot with bow. Very tough game as the foot proved to be very tough and just wouldn't die.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Force on Force podcast

Meeples and miniatures did an in-depth review of the new Force on Force rules from Ambush Alley and Osprey. Looks like they are worth while picking up from a production and rules point of view.

15mm is where all the action is at the moment.

6mm moderns

Next week I'm running a game of cold war commander at the club. It will be called Operation Pergola. The Russian forces will be trying to capture and hold a key bridge as part of their invasion. Can the British hold them off till support arrives?

Roll Cal 2011

Off to Roll Call this weekend. My middle Hungarians are coming out for the FoGAM comp. Hope to get better than middle of the pack.

Friday, 29 April 2011

Renaissance Army

Over the holidays I've been busy painting and flocking up my Rennaisance army for Field of Glory Renaissance. Not sure which army it will be, but the two main choices are Imperial Spanish or 30 years War German.