Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Foreign legion for AA

There are just soo many nice 15mm modern figures that I couldn't just do the yanks. So, next army off the ranks is the French Foreign Legion.

New 15mm scifi rules, Gruntz

There are a new set of 15mm scifi rules being developed called Gruntz. Looks interesting.

Seems to be getting support from the major 15mm scifi manufactures by allowing use of their pictures and army lists. Going to give the game a go over Xmas.

Imperial Spanish for FoGR

So, the renaissance bug has got me and I'm painting up a 15mm imperial Spanish army. Soo many pike and muskets.

Pics to cone soon

Vehicles for AA

Managed to pick up a bunch of vehicles for Ambush Alley. Some of these are going to be converted to technicals for my insurgents.

Apache for AA

More air support for AA

Harrier jet for AA

Here's a pic of a 15mm harrier that I picked up for Ambush Alley.

It's always good to have a bit of air support.