Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Roll Call 2017 Results

The Swedes came, saw and almost conquered.

I managed three big wins, only loosing to Stephen.  Stephen and I were having a good old punch up with the Swedes slowly beating on the Swiss when a general allowing himself to be killed.  The resulting chaos saw 5 battle groups of foot all go disrupted or fragmented in one turn, which turned the tide to the Swiss.

Just a bit more Sabaton to enjoy, Carolus Rex

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Roll Call 2017, release the Swedes!

Roll Call 2017 is up soon and I'll be playing in the FoGR 25mm period.

Little sad to see that the 15mm FoGR period got cancelled as there was only one entrant.

So, I'm bringing out my 25mm Later Swedes again for a run. 

I may be listening to some Sabaton to get inspired!

30 Years Pike & Shot for ADLG-R

I've painted up and based some pike & shot for the ADLG-R beta rules.

ADLG is based on a 40mm frontage while FoGR is a 120mm frontage.

One of the ideas in ADLG-R to represent the larger, trained foot units in the 30 years war periods is to double base units.  This makes them tougher and self supporting but loose the flexibility of single based units.

Will be interesting to see which way the rules go

The units

The Early Tercio.  It's based 80mm x 80mm.  It gives you the visual effect of an early tercio but too much easier to transport than the FoGR one which is 160mm square.

A few cuirassiers painted up