Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Roll Call 2014

Went to Roll Call this weekend and placed 3rd!  Missed 2nd place by a point, soo close.

I borrowed a Chinese army and had a lot of fun with it.  I can see myself buying an army like that shortly.

This is the runners and riders

Ben took 1st place and Stephen got 2nd.

I played Adrian to a draw, got thumped by Alasdair and two big wins vs Mike and David.

Well happy with my performance, my game against Alasdair was the hardest, it was working all to plan, then he tore my army to pieces. 

On the positive side, got to sit in the sun for an hour.


Sunday, 22 June 2014

Mad Mecha terrain

after getting all inspired by Gruntz, I found a vendor called Mad Mecha guy who makes really nice MDF terrain in a few different scales.

So, a quick order later and this is what I got for £27.  Now to paint them up

8 solar panels, they have removable bases so you can turn the panels around

15 cargo containers, 5 x 9cm long ones and 10 x 7cm long ones.  You can make them up with the doors open or closed.

8 x 8cm long billboards.  I added the base as I ordered ones that were meant to be attached to a building.

3 x helo pads

Gruntz games

Got to get a few games of Gruntz in and it's a nice little system.

nice and straight forward, we didn't have to refer back to the rules too often and it just worked.

Makes me want to go buy some more 15mm...

1st game, nothing too fancy, equal forces, basic vehicles, just enough to get our head around the system.

Tamsin had the Arc forces (blue) and I had the Titan marines (brown)

Tamsin got the first go, everything came rushing forward

The walker hiding behind a building

The plasma tank cruising up the road

The titan walker rushing up to get ready for an assault

The Titan VTOL hiding behind the cargo containers, about to pop up attack the tank

The VTOL relocated, trying for a side attack on the tank

Front look of the tank

The Arc forces attack, pushing forwards

Ambush sprung on the tank, it's dying act was to knock out the walker that killed it.