Sunday, 21 April 2013

Salute 2013

Sooo many shiny toys, was hard to resist.

Salute seemed to be very busy this year.  I got there around 11:30 and there was a long queue to buy tickets and when I got in, the place was packed.  Good to see that it is bucking the current trend.

The high lights for me were Dropzone Commander, GZG and antenocitis workshop.

I was really glad to see Dropzone back for a 2nd year.  Last year, they were there but hadn't released their figures but had all of their models for show.  This year, they had their full range, including buildings and a monorail that I really wanted to buy.  10mm isn't my thing, but they are making it hard. I'd love to pick up some of their walkers and drop ships for Future War Commander.

Antenocitis workshop just make some of the best 25mm scifi figures I've seen for a while.  I've not been interested in 25mm for over a decade and then they come along.  And, now they are doing 15mm!
At the show, they mentioned that they are doing their own rules set, so, it will be interesting to see what they come up with.  They have now come out with a range of terrain to flesh out your city scape, including billboards.  I'm going to pick some of these up later in the year and use the figures with Tomorrows War.

GZG, nuff said, I could go nuts in their shop.

Here are a few photos

Battlefield Vietnam

Full Thrust variant

Love the space matt

The space station

 Jump gate


 15mm Hammer's Slammers demo game.  This was fantastic

 Armoured column
 Comms tower

 Air support

 The city with monorail
 Main street

A massive reconstruction of the battle of Waterloo in 25mm.

Warmachine with battle wagons

Infinity, 25mm skirmish.

They have some stunning figures for this game.  Very anime

Random Scifi table, in 25mm.  The terrain was supplied by Ainsty castings.  When I start doing 25mm, I will be picking up some of their stuff.  

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Salute 2013

Salute, the South London Wargames club's big expo is on next weekend.

I can hear the credit card screaming already.

This I am after

20mm modern figures to flesh out my Force on Force stuff
sheet metal
Anything shiny

15mm aliens for Tomorrows War
plastic buildings (nice and light to carry)
anything else that catches my eye.

Salute is quite handy for wargaming shopping as all major vendors will be there and  it saves on postage. ( also makes a good day out).

I've been a bad bad boy


I was trawling ebay......

and look what I bought....

A shed load of 15mm Marlburian Essex figures.

There is enough to do two armies, the only thing I would need is artillery

This is the bundle contains

4 x BR005 Command,
2 x BR011 Grenadier Fur Cap,
5 x BR010 Guard Inf Command,
2 x BR009 Guard Inf,
6 x BR045 Line Cav,
6 x BR047 Guard Cav,
1 x BR018 Grenadier Mitre,
1 x BR031 Hussar,
5 x BR020 Grenadier Liebguard,
2 x BR022 Grenadier Command,
1 c BR062 Dismtd Dragoon Officer,
1 x BR063 Generals,
1 x BR013 Command Fur Cap,
39x BR049 Cav Command,
12 x BR056 Dragoons,
12 x BR033 Cuirassier Tricorne,
14 x BR057 Dragoons,
3 x BR036 Cuirassier Comm Pot,
12 x BR035 Cuirassier Pot,
4 x BR034 Cuirassier Comm Hat,
31 x BR045 Line Cav.

164 packets of figures for £250.  BARGIN!

now, colour scheme to paint them in?

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

The Challenge 2013


last weekend I went to The Challenge for a bit of FoGR action.

It was another themed comp (the best type), this was the theme, any list from Wars of Religion between 1618-1649.

The runners and riders was a bit of a surprise, early Swedes, Germans comprised the bulk of the armies with two Imperial Spanish and one 30 Years War French.

I ended up on 4th place, 2 points behind 3rd.  :-)

Soo close, better luck next time.

I brought my 30 Years War Germans out again, always good fun.

My army was

6 x Kurrassiers (Armoured superior pistol pistol)
3 x Pike & Shot units
2 x Light Horse with Carbine
2 x Dragoon units
2 x Artillery, 1 x 2, 1 x 3

Notes from the comp

Artillery in threes are not worth it.  One hit and you have to take a test.

6 horse is good, need to have some Heavy Armour as well.  I ran up against a few HA units and got beat as I was down a factor.

Things to note for next time.

I do love FoGR, it works for me.