Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Colonial Marines, sorry, Exterminators in 15mm

Khurasan have released a 15mm "Xenomorph" eradication squad.

They look really nice.

Khurasan are doing some really nice stuff in 15mm. It's becoming hard to resist ordering some of their figures.

"It's just another bug hunt!

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Campaign 2011, the results

Game 1 - Later ECW Royalist, draw
Game 2 - Parliamentarian, loosing draw
Game 3 - New Model Army, big lose
Game 4 - Scots Royalist, big win
Game 5 - Later ECW Royalist, loosing draw

so, FoGR is a lot of fun and I can see myself playing it more and more. I think that FoGAM will be moved to my secondary game now...

Long live Pike and Shot

Campaign 2011


the end result of Campaign for me was middle of the pack. I managed a win which was great. I hoped for more, but, nope.

So, the results was, 1 big win, two big loses and three draws.

The dice gods are fickle.

Now, time to practice for Britcon in August

Firestorm armada

Spartan Games have a space battle game called Firestorm Armada. I haven't paid much attention to it as I'm more of a Full Thrust player, but, I've been watching their new releases and they are looking good.

I'm thinking maybe to pick up a few of these figures later on to use with Full Thrust. They are currently redoing their entire line with models that have been designed in CAD, rather than the old fashioned way.

they look nice!

The Persecution class battleship

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Campaign game 1

Early English civil war vs late English civil war.

Result 10-10

First game and a draw. Not for lack of trying, bot of us were one point off breaking and every unit on the table was either in combat or busy shooting .

My opponent got lucky with the terrain and had a large enclosed field to anchor his forces. All of his medium foot muskets ran for that and proceeded to dig in.

All fun

The enclosed field with the cavaliers busy fighting to one side

Everyone piling in for a fight

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Campaign 2011

Off to Campaign this weekend.

I'm playing in the English Civil war period and looking forward to it.

There may be curry and beer involved....

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Campaign 2011

These are the armies that I could be facing at Campaign this weekend

English Revolution (1639-1650)

Early Caroline English
Scots Covenanter
Scots Royalist
Confederate Irish
Early English Civil War Royalist
English Civil War Parliamentarian
Later English Civil War Royalist
New Model Army

Yet again, it will be held in the mail.

As is says on the entry brochure, "I didn't know that this would be here when I agreed to come shopping!"

Campaign 2011

Off to Campaign 2011 this weekend.

I'm going to be playing in the English civil war FoGR comp.

8 different armies allowed, about 20 years span, all fun.

I'm going to be brining in a Later Royalist army, heavy on the superior Cavaliers.

Let's see if I can do any better this comp compared to Rampage.