Friday, 25 December 2009

15mm Moderns

Mmmmmm, 15mm moderns.......... must have!

I can just see me buying a few of these. I do like the 15mm range and I really want to get some moderns.

I going to base these up using Flames of War bases and going to use them with Ambush Alley and Cold War Commander.

FWC, Red Guard vs Red Guard

Had a game with one of the guys from the club where we played Red Guard vs Red Guard. It was an intro game just to show off the rules to the guys at the club.

Green Team advancing on the BUA

Black Team Firing at long Range

Rebel Mins

Having gotten into 15mm, I've been on the lookout for 15mm vendors. I found this one who has options for Scifi, Zombies and moderns.

Link to their site

Ambush Z, 15mm Zombies

Well, with 15mm having bitten me big time, how could you not go for a few zombies? I love a good zombie movie and I've picked up a bunch of zombie starter packs from Rebel Mins. In a few weeks, I'm going to be the proud owner of some 60 15mm zombie figures.

I picked up the rules for Ambush Z, from the vendors of Ambush Alley. They are rules for skirmish games in 15mm and have options for solo play. They look good.

the rules seem to be more scenario based rather than just straight army battles. Time to watch some of George Romeo's zombie movies and get some ideas.

Link to the rules

Ambush Alley

Well, I have the 15mm bug big time. I've gone and bought Ambush Alley to be able to play some small skirmish games in 15mm. The rules look good and you don't need to have too many figures to play a game. I found a vendor called Rebel Minis who do a starter pack for Ambush Alley. For $25, you get a bunch of masked terrorists/militia and a 12 or so special force troops. I've got some on order and they should be here in a few weeks.

A couple of nice things about the rules is that you can play them solo and the table size is either only 2x2 or 4x4 so, I can play it home and practice.

Looking forward to playing the rules. Gives me an excuse to go hunt down 15mm figures, helicopters and vehicles. I can see a few conversions coming up involving Toyata Hilux trucks and machine guns.

Link to the rules

Thursday, 19 November 2009

FWC, Bugs vs Red Guard

I got to bring out my FWC bug and Red Guard army to the club at the Perservance for the first time and they looked good.

The bugs got chewed up pretty heavily. The Red Guard's artillery was accurate and extremely effective. I lost almost all of my light infantry to the artillery. The big bugs did what they are grown for. They went in close and tore things to shreds, but it didn't help them. The Red Guard held it's ground and just kept shooting until every bug was dealt with.

The Bug Army being chased by the bugs

The Red Guard

Milan 2009, wrap up

So, four battles, two loses and two wins. Playing a skimisher army compared to a heavy foot army is very different and comes with a few gotchas. Two things, armoured troops and mass shooty troops are not your friend.

Also, if you are going to take photos, don't drink too many Italian espressos. All of my photos are somewhat blurred......

Battle 1 Ordoannce French 0 - 25

Well, a big shooty army is not something that I really want to run up against again. Poor skirmishers are no match vs battlegroups of 8 crossbows or long bows. I should have run my knights against his bow rather than going for a one on one fight with his knights.

Battle 2 18 - 7 (I think)

I can't remember who I was playing in this game, but, I was beaten solidly. At the end, I had my baggage sacked and lost the game. The game was very fluid with both armies sacking each others's baggage, fleeing units off the table and moving from playing long edge of the table to playing short edge of the table.

Battle 3 Scots (I think) 25 - 0

My first big win. I ran up against what I think was a Scots army with two allies and was able to dance around them and slowly pick holes in his line until my knights arrived en force and did and what knights do best.

Battle 4 Later Polish 18 - 7

This was a hard fought battle. The Later Polish army is almost the same as my hungarians and it was a hard fought battle. In the end, I managed to sack his baggage and rout his knights plus kill two of his three generals. The battle didn't start all that well with my opponent announcing that he had a flank march and that it was going to arrive on turn 1! Lucky for me, the flank march was only one battle group and didn't interfer in the battle. The fighting revolved around our knights and his horse skirmishers vs my foot skirmishers.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

FoG competition in Milan

Woot! Two wins and two loses! The Middle Hungarians had their debut at the FoG competition in Milan and worked well. I had four games over the two days and they were really good games. There was much haggling in Italian, coffee and Moretti beer on hand, so, how could it go wrong?

One thing to note, poor troops are not combat troops. Since they break once they have lost 33% of their battle group, keep them away from mounted. My poor foot skirmishers got ridden over on more than one occasion as they got caught in the open by light horse. It wasn't pretty.

Photos to come.

15mm Zombies

Nuff said!

Looks like 15mm is the way to go these days. I reckon that a bunch of these would look really good. Would be fun to try recreate some of the zombie movies on a battle field.

World War Z anyone?

Monday, 26 October 2009

15mm Skimmer

Here's a photo of the 15mm skimmer from GZG. It's not painted, but you can see how cool it will look.

15mm UN Troops

Here are a couple photos of the 15mm GZG United Nation troops that I picked up at SELWG.

Looking forward to painting these and getting them on the table

15mm Xenomorphs

Here are a couple of photos of the 15mm aliens that I picked up at SELWG.

"Is this a rescue mission sir, or, another bug hunt?!"

15mm Flyer

So, here is a couple of photos of the 15mm flyer that I bought at SELWG. This will look really good once painted and on the table

Roll Call 2009

Well, I got put back into my place! Two loses, one win and a losing draw.

Good competition, great fun, but I need more practice

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

ZMD" Zombies of Mass Destruction

Another zombie movie, this time with a political bent.

What if the zombie outbreak was caused by a terrorist attack?

Utube trailer

Last of the Living

I love zombie movies, what is there really to hate about them.

Here is a new Australian one that looks like it will be fun.

Utube trailer

Aussie Zombies Rock!

Monday, 19 October 2009

FoG Hungarian army

Finally, the army is almost finished. Good timing as it will be used this weekend at RollCall 2009

Here is a photo of where I am at.

SELWG Open Day

This weekend I went down to the South East London Wargaming Groups open day in Crystal Palace.

Lots of traders and 20+ demostration games covering a variety of periods and scales from Ancients thru to Moderns.

Got to meet Jon from GZG which was nice. First time I have ever met a publisher of a set of rules that I really like (Full Thrust and Star Grunt). No surprise, but my credit card took a thrashing at his store, he has released a new range of 15mm figures which just rock.

I also met the vendor of 1/600 scale modern aircraft. These will be perfect for Cold War Commander. Once I remember his details, I'll post them

Here are some photos

15mm evilness. This is one of the new gunships from GZG in 15mm.

This is one of the new 15mm cGrav APCs from GZG

1/600 scale aircraft

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Ordinatus Golgotha

I picked up one of these cool tanks from ebay for my FWC Red Guard army. Very GW, but it looks cool and will be fun to see this out on the table.

South East London Wargaming Group open day!

I'm going down to SELWG on the 18th of October for their open day. Should be interesting to see what they do and hopefully they will have lots of vendors. GZG are rumoured to be there, mmmm, 15mm scifi.....

Monday, 28 September 2009

Roll Call, change of army

Whoops, I didn't read the website properly and I can't take my polish. Time to find a new army.....

guess I should read the comp rules better

15mm scifi

I'm trying to resist but gzg keep releasing more 15mm scifi figures.

very temptedto buy some to play with future war commander or star grunt

Sunday, 20 September 2009

New army for FoG

Now that I'm in the UK, it's time to build a new FoG army. I picked up the Oath of Fealty book in Rome and took a liking to the Feudal Polish list. I'm going to debut the new army at Roll call 2009

tanks for my imperial army

I've almost finished up my tanks for my Imperial Guard army.

looking forward to fielding them



Leman Russes

Saturday, 19 September 2009

bug tanks and walkers

some pictures of my Tyranid tanks& walkers. the army is almost complete

Tyranid bug again

More massive bugs for my army

Sunday, 30 August 2009

Battleship Belfast

A few photos of the Battleship HMS Belfast, located on the Thames in London.

Big guns,


I was lucky enough to pick up one of these on Ebay. It is nicely painted and I decided not to repaint it.


The Titan Company

I managed to find a bunch of original Epic Titans for use with my Future War Commander Red Guard army. I'm painting up the Titans as a single company.

So far, I've got two Warlord titans, one Reaver and two War Hounds

The Warlords

Reaver Titan

The Hounds!

Imperial Guard Shadow Sword

The only way to take down an enemy Titan!

Smile for the big gun!

Imperial Guard Baneblade

I've started my Imperial Guard army for Future War Commander. I'm going with an urban scheme rather than a camo scheme, something a bit different.

I'm going to have the whole army in the same scheme. If I have any spare figures after doing this army, I might do another scheme.

The Company

Another Tyranid Dominatrix

The joys of holidays, I get to do lots of painting. Busily painting up my bugs for Future War Commander.

I've painted up another Dominatrix, this time going for a green colour. I'm not going for a consistant colour scheme with my bugs, I want them more diverse, that's the way I see the bugs.

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Britcon Battle 5 Early Frankish

Another winning draw due to time out. The Germans went in and picked a fight and won. This is where some Cav would have been good as I needed to have some fast troops to punch thru and sack his baggage. My opponent had 15 battle groups and I managed to get 14 points, so, I just needed his baggage for a win.

Was a great game and a lot of fun. His impact foot were rather scarey and I spent a lot of time moving my foot into a position where I could charge them without their impact foot status.

The Frankish Line

The German Knights line up against the Frankish Cav

The German knights breaking thru the Frankish Cav

Two turns later, the german knights and spear went intothe heavy foot. My opponent then rolled triple one for the impact phase cohesion test and death roll. By the end of the turn, the heavy foot had routed and caused the heavy foot next to it to fail their tests.

We ran out of time but not for lack of trying

Britcon Battle 4 100 Years War English

My second win, my knights and defensive spear proved their worth by breaking pretty much all of their opponents. Was great to play against the 100 Years War English, it's been an army that I've been thinking of building. They were a tough army but the knights proved their worth in combat with 12 dice being dish out in every combat. In a couple of bounds, 11 hits were done on the English heavy weapons.

The English with snow bases, typical English weather....

The English Long Bow

The German line of battle as it lines up.....

The knights went in a few turns later with the defensive spear and German heavy weapons supporting. The English broke about four turns later.

Britcon Battle 3 Malamuk Turks

My first win!

In a shock result, my HRE managed to break and rout the Turkish army, with his Elite Cav being routed off the table by gun fire from the hand gunners, but I did trade him my baggage

My view with this game was the run my army as fast as I could to the Turks with the view of forcing him off the table or not to have any space to run away. I think my opponent was expecting the medievals to come to his side of the table to pick a fight.

The German line advances

The Turkish Nobility, the black banners denote the Elites

The German kights break all of the opposing Cav!

Britcon Battle 2 Venitian Italian Condotta

I managed to get a winning draw due to time out. The HRE for the first time won the initiative and decided to pick a fight with the republic of Venice.

In a shock move, the Neopolitan Pike choked when the Knights went in and broke in two turns, with the Swiss pike following shortly after.

The Italian knights didn't fare much better, the superior German knights held their own, even out numbered and then broke the Italian knights.

By the time game was called, my knights were a bound away from sacking his camp which would have gotten me the game.

The Venitian Pike block

The German battle line gets ready for the charge....

Two turns later, the pike blocks had broken and been run down. The Venetian knights charged the defensive spear and broke!