Sunday, 21 November 2010


I've been sucked back into Epic. No one at my local club is really interested in playing Future War Commander but there is a lively Epic group, so, if I want to get a bit of 6mm scifi action, I gotta look into Epic.

Darby 2010

The German City Leagues are officially being shelved.

End result

Two draws, a win and a lose.

The win and one of the draws were against two newbies. :-(. Nothing really to be proud of,

The Germans just aren't fast enough and everyone avoids them.

Warfare 2010

Well, that was Warfare 2010.

For the first time, I didn't lose my army for the whole comp. Then again, I didn't win a game either. I played in the Rome period with a Palmyran army.

The results;

Game 1 Later Dynastic Egyptians, 16-4
Game 2 Ptomelic Greek, 4-16
Game 3 Later Republican Romans, 16-4
Game 4 Later Republican Romans 7-13

Good comp, lots of fun.

Cav shooty armies are are hard to loose with, but with a hard/ armoured army, hard to win against.