Monday, 27 July 2009

My new Wargaming Club in London

Having met a few London gamers over in Rome, I got invited to come to their local club, held in a pub. Cute pub

FoG - Rome IWF Random Photos

Just a few random photos from Rome

That;s it for Rome.

FoG - Rome IWF Battle three, my first win


Got my first win on Day 2 of the competition. I was competing against a Later Crusader Army. It was a tough fight, but finally the French Ordonnance showed what they were made of and beat the Crusaders.

Picture of the Crusader Knights and Spearmen

Picture of the Crusader Spearmen, very nice

The battle twirls around and the Swiss Pike line up

Field of Glory - Rome IWF

Few more photos of Rome

The Competition in the Gardens

Great, porta loos right next to the comp. The stench was incredible first thing in the morning when they came to empty them.....

Rome IWF

Well, that was fun, having moved to the UK, I got to go to Rome to compete in the Field of Glory IWF competition held in the gardens of Castle St Angelo, next to the Vatican City.

I didn't win, sadly, but, didn't end up last, so pretty happy at that. Got to play against one pom, two italians, one german and two spaniards. Games were great, relaxed and friendly. Must time must remember to bring a hat.

First days games were interesting as I was playing in a business suit as our luggage had been lost by the air carrier (name with held to protect the guilty).

Photo of the castle (hmm, can't get it to rotate.....)

Painted Tyranid Bug

Having gotten hooked with Future War Commander, I've been scouring ebay for Tyranid miniatures and have finally found a few. Here is my first massive bug I've painted. I've got to do the base and flocking but the paint job is complete.

I've Moved!

Well, after much planning, we finally did it and moved to the UK. We are busily looking for jobs and a new house. Very exciting to be in the UK.