Monday, 15 August 2011

Britcon 2011 - List of Armies

Here are all the armies that were in the Renaissance competition

TYW French
Later Swedish
ECW Parliamentarian
Later Louis XIV French
Later Imperial Austrian
Later Imperial Austrian
Early 30YW Swedish
Habsburg Austrian Imperial
Early 30YW Swedish
Later Louis XIV French
Later Danish
Later 30YW German Protestant
Early 30YW German Catholic
Later ECW Royalist
Later ECW Royalist
Later Russian
Hungarian Kuroc Rebellion
Early 30YW German Protestant
Early 30YW Swedish
Later Louis XIV French
Later Louis XIV French
Later 30YW German Catholic

opps, I bought some squats.....

At Britcon I managed to pick up some squats and various other epic stuff.

Not going to start a Squat army though, I really wanted the Colossus, Leviathan and the moles and termites.

Anyone want some artillery and gyrocopters?


Britcon 2011 - Wrap up

Well, that was Britcon 2011.

It was my first Britcon playing FoGR and had a lot of fun. I ended up middle of the pool with two nightmare match ups for the last two rounds.

My first game was against the 2nd seed of the competition. We ended up facing each other due to his name being lost in the draw and I was the last person without an opponent....

Just what I wanted, two swiss players for the last rounds. At least I didn't end up loosing 25-0 to them, I made both players work for it, ending up with an 18-7 lose. With both games, I just needed one more battle group to break their armies, pity that to get that would involve beating an elite Keil.....

so, the games were

Later Louis the 14th French 1-24
Later 30 years War German 25-0
Austrian Imperial 7-13
Later Louis the 14th French 19-6
Swiss 7-18
Swiss 7-18

Total points 66

Britcon 2011

Off to Britcon this weekend for three days for gaming and the occasional pint.

I'm going to be playing in the FoGR competition with my trusty 30 years War Later Germans.

Let's hope I don't run into too many Swiss.....