Friday 8 April 2022

ADLG-R battle of Nordling

We are having a six person game of -R, and playing the battle of Nordling.
Andy is running the Protestants and I’m running the Catholics

Andy put the lists together and we played at 400 points. Each player took a command and off we went.

The Swedes won the game with their foot proving to be too strong for the German Tercios.

The armies line up
The German lines
Pretty Tercios
The Swedish foot come charging over the hill

The Swedish flank, trying to hold off the German mounted wing

I can see contact happening shortly

The German mounted wing is in trouble with no space to round around the enemy pike & shot

The Swedish foot disrupt the German mounted

The Swedish foot advance to shooting range, before the inevitable charge. The German line disrupts due to shooting.
The lines crash together
The German line starts to fall and the Swedes win shortly afterwards

ADLG-R Holy Roman Empire vs Later Danish

 Its been a long while since I posted anything and will try better!

Martin and I had our first game together since the start of Covid. He brought his newly based up LAter Danes and I brought the Germans for a good old fashioned scrap. I’ll post the army lists shortly. The Germans won the initiative and chose to attack. The Germans had some Haiduks on their right hand flank, supported by some cuirassiers and a dragoon, the centre comprising of pike and shot with regimental artillery and a two medium guns. On the left hand flank, I had a strong wing of 4 x Curassiers, a Croat and a dragoon. martin outnumber me with several pike and shot units, all with regimental guns, but had weaker flanks with some mediocre mounted.
The Germans advanced under heavy and accurate Danish artillery fire and brought the fight to the Danes with a cuirassier charge on my left hand flank( had to charge as was getting blown away by artillery and pike and shot). The cuirassiers worked their way thru the flank and then proceeded to charge the lank of the Danish line. On my right, Martins cuirassiers decided a fight was a better idea than being shot and charged my unsupported cuirassiers. The Germans slowly pushed back the Danes and the Haiducks took the opportunity of the mounted being engaged to break out of the enclosed field and attack.
Martins line of pike & shot proved to be devastating, heavily disrupting my entire line and killing one unit.
End result was a win to the Germans after some horrible 🎲 rolling by Martin, but he did take 16 out of my 24 points. I think a few more favorable dice would have made it a much closer game.

The armies line up. The Holy Roman Empire are on the right, with the four cuirassiers, dragoons and Croats line up.

The Danes open up with their artillery and start causing hits

The German line advances to get ready to shoot.

The Cuirassiers charge to avoid being disrupted by the artillery.

The Cuirassiers break thru!

The Danish mounted charge and loose. The Poles use this as an opportunity to get ready to charge them in the rear

The Danish line causes mass disruption on the German lines

The German Cuirassiers charge the Danish line in the flank.

The Poles advance

This doesn't bode well, artillery charged in the flank.

Tuesday 21 December 2021



Something is coming!

Tuesday 30 March 2021

Ottoman Turks for ADLG-R


hadn't realised that I haven't done a post since July 2020.

How time flies during a global pandemic.....

Over lockdown, I decided to take up one of the sales from Lancashire and QRF miniatures and buy some Ottoman Turks for -R.

Since I have the Poles, it would be rude not to have an historical opponent for them.

The Generals

Light Horse

Heavy Cav with Bow

Qapu Kulu Heavy Cav


Heavy Artillery

Wednesday 1 July 2020

Poles for ADLG-R

I've been making use of the Covid-19 lockdown and doing a lot of painting.

My Poles for ADLG-R are now finished! 

Winged Hussars
These were a 2nd hand purchase and I can see some more being purchased

All of the below miniatures are from the Old Glory.  They paint up rather well.  The pike and lancers are a little weak compared to say Museum Miniatures, but they are a vibrant range.

Polish C n C

Polish Sub General

Polish Sub General
Polish Haiduk foot. 
These are musket and 2Handed weapon armed infanty.

Polish Mounted