Tuesday, 30 March 2021

Ottoman Turks for ADLG-R


hadn't realised that I haven't done a post since July 2020.

How time flies during a global pandemic.....

Over lockdown, I decided to take up one of the sales from Lancashire and QRF miniatures and buy some Ottoman Turks for -R.

Since I have the Poles, it would be rude not to have an historical opponent for them.

The Generals

Light Horse

Heavy Cav with Bow

Qapu Kulu Heavy Cav


Heavy Artillery

Wednesday, 1 July 2020

Poles for ADLG-R

I've been making use of the Covid-19 lockdown and doing a lot of painting.

My Poles for ADLG-R are now finished! 

Winged Hussars
These were a 2nd hand purchase and I can see some more being purchased

All of the below miniatures are from the Old Glory.  They paint up rather well.  The pike and lancers are a little weak compared to say Museum Miniatures, but they are a vibrant range.

Polish C n C

Polish Sub General

Polish Sub General
Polish Haiduk foot. 
These are musket and 2Handed weapon armed infanty.

Polish Mounted

Monday, 15 June 2020

ADLG-R June 2020 Update

I've been making use of the lockdown and finished revising and updating the ADLG-R supplement. Thanks to everyone who had a play with the first draft and provided lots of useful feedback.

This supplement allows you to play the Renaissance period on an ADLG table with minimal to no rebasing.

These are an unofficial fan supplement to the v3 version of ADLG rules that Herve has allowed me to release as a free PDF. You need to have the ADLG rules to play, this is just a supplement to cover the Renaissance period. If you don't have a copy of the ADLG rules, you can email Herve via the ADLG website and buy a PDF version of them for 5 euros.

The ultimate desire is to have these made an official supplement.

There are 80 or so lists covering Western Europe thru to Asia from 1500 to 1696.

The army lists, rules, QRS and a deployment sheet can be found here, in Dropbox.

I will be updating these for v4 once its released.


Urban Bunny Wargames Research Labs

Tuesday, 28 April 2020

ADLG-R Solo Maximillian German vs Early ECW English Royalists

For most of my games I've played, its been against historical opponents to see if the game gives you the right feel.

For this game, I decided to play two non historical opponents and see what happens.

In other rules sets, generally the later armies thrash the earlier ones, which, while historical, doesn't make for much fun in such a narrow period.  So, could this work?

The English won the game and chose to attack in the plains.  The terrain fell mostly in the flanks on the English side, forcing their army to bunch up.

This allowed the German keils to face off against the nasty English shock horse while attempting to stop the English "Cuirassiers" with their outdated knights.

The end result was a win to the Germans!  The keils proved to be very resilient and were able to charge mounted and beat them.

Maxmillian Germans
Command 1
Competent General
2 x Heavy Knight Elite
1 x Heavy Cav Impact
1 x Kiel Elite
2 x LF Arquebus

Command 2
Competent General
2 x Heavy Knight
1 x Heavy Cav Impact
1 x Kiel Elite
1 x LF Arquebus

Command 3
Competent General
3 x Kiels
2 x Medium Artillery

Early ECW Royalists 1642
Command 1
Brilliant General
4 x Medium Cav Shock Impetuous
1 x Dragoon Arquebus
1 x Pike & Shot reduced musket mediocre

Command 2
Competent General
3 x "Cuirassiers" Extra Heavy Cav Pistol Elite
1 x Dragoon Arquebus
1 x Pike & Shot reduced musket mediocre

Command 3
Competent General
5 x Pike & Shot reduced musket mediocre
1 x Med artillery

The English deploy with two fields and a plantation on their side.

The Germans have a much more open table with a field and a gentle hill.

The Landsknects from BlueMoon minatures

The English advance very agressively and by the end of turn 1, both sides have take hits.

This could be good, elite Keils vs mediocre Pike & Shot

The Keil gets stuck in!

The English Cuirassiers charge in and loose to the Knights

The Pike & Shot looses the melee while it's supporting Keil takes heavy fire

On the right flank the Landsknects charge another Pike & Shot and starts beating in.

Where did the English go?  there seems to be a large hole.....

Another Keil attacks and surprises the English by charging the mounted, who loose both rounds of combat.

On the left flank, the knights finally break the English Cuirasiers and start their advance around the flank to the rear of the English and their unprotected baggage.

Tuesday, 21 April 2020

ADLG-R Solo Game League of Ausburg vs Later Polish

Another game of ADLG-R during lock down.

This time, I've gone for two of the later armies, dating around 1680s.  I chose Later Poles vs League of Ausburg, so, two very different choices.  The LoAs power is high volume of shooting where as the Poles are very mounted focused, with the Winged Hussars as their central punch.

The table is a bit shorter as I'm using my coffee table rather than sitting on the floor.  So, I shorted the deployment which kept the rest of the table the same dimensions.

The end result was a convincing win to the Poles as they broke thru both flanks with their mounted wings, with the German and Polish mounted charging down the right flank of the LoA.

The Poles won the initiative and chose to attack in the forest.

The LoA deployed a water way and a village ( I used a star fort I bought at Warfare 2018) on one flank and their forest was moved over to the Polish side.  The Poles only deployed a road and a brush, which was removed.

Turn 1, The Poles advance.

They loose both rounds of shooting, taking heavy fire from the LoA.

Turn 2
The Polish C n C moves to rally one of the Polish Foot that had three markers.

The roll is a 4 on the dice, so, with Rear Support and the General attached, a +2 is added to the dice.  The result is 2 more than required and so, two markers are removed.

Turn 3
The Poles advance to charging range after recovering some cohesion markers

The Winged Hussars line up for a charge

Turn 4
The Polish mounted wings charge in.

On the left flank, the German horse contact the wounded Bayonet Battle Unit

On the right hand side, the Winged Hussars contact.  Time to see what Elite Shock can do.

The Hussars break thru and must step forward due to being Shock.
One Hussar rolled a 1-6 and took two cohesion markers

On the left flank, the German mounted broke the Bayonet Battle Unit in one turn and we now have the first breakthru.

Turn 5
The German mounted flank charge the Later Pike & Shot.
The LoA P&S doesn't take a cohesion marker as isn't engaged.

This doesn't bode well (the Poles roll a 6 on the dice)
The factors:
German Mounted
Cav vs flank of Heavy Infantry +1
Flank Attack +1
Support +1

LoA Factors:
0 as it was contacted on flank

The LoA takes three cohesion markers

Turn 6
Its all over
The LoA P&S that was contacted on the flank in Turn 5 has now conformed.  It makes a 1/4 turn to face the German mounted who is on it's flank.

In Turn 6, a Polish Carbine mounted horse contacts it in the flank, this time causing it to take a cohesion marker

Madaxeman Lockdown Podcasts!

Tim (the Mad Axeman), myself and a bunch of mates from the Central London Wargaming Club are doing a series of "Lockdown" podcasts.

We talk about what we are painting, new projects, general chats about wargaming and random quizes

You can find them here

We are aiming to do one a week till the end of lockdown

Monday, 13 April 2020

ADLG-R What's Been Happening?

I was hoping to have finished the update over the Christmas break but work and life got in the way.

One thing I've learnt over the months writing and editing ADLG-R is the time it takes to get the language just right.  I've learnt a lot of respect for rules writers who can clearly convey their thoughts and meaning in a very clear way that doesn't allow for much wiggle room.  I've had to go back several times and re-write rules to make them clearer.

I've now done 82 army lists covering Western Europe thru to Japan covering 1500 to 1699.

I'm not worrying about the Africa's or the New World. The're not something that I've played much in several years of playing renaisance, so, I'd rather focus on periods where most people have an army.

There are points cost in the book so that you can write your own lists if you want.