Saturday, 19 April 2014

Gruntz, 15mm Scifi rules

I've been meaning to pick a full copy of these rules for a while now.

I had a look at them when they were in beta and then got distracted by Tomorrows War.

Will be interesting to see which I prefer to play.

I like the way that Gruntz has lots of support from the various 15mm vendors and has published army lists for most of them.  Saves me a lot of time.

From the first glance, they seem pretty straight forward and look like they will be a lot of fun.

Now to get them on the table.

20mm insurgents and US for Force on Force

Picked up a few more insurgent and US troops for Force on Force at Salute.

They are now based and based coated, now to paint them.

I'm going to play around with the basing for a few of the troops, especially the snipers.  I was thinking to build a wall for them to hide behind.

Heavy Weapons teams.


Final 15mm Napoleonics

Geeze, you need a lot of bases and figures for a FoGN army.

I'm using these general troops as the command pips.  The ebay army I bought had quite a few of these spare, so, why not use them.

The generals closer up

The final general base.  This gives my five generals, one for the CnC and four sub generals

Another battle group of old guard

The young guard.  I've now got two battle groups of these.

20mm US rebased

I rebased my 20mm modern US troops.  I botched the first basing pretty badly and used cheap wood glue and super glue, so, the first time I put them on the table, 1/2 of them fell off their bases.

I picked up four of these paratroopers stye troops .

The four paratroopers

Full Thrust Support Ships

I picked up a couple support ships for my NSL fleet.

I bought a troop carrier ship and a waste carrier ship.

I am really impressed by the new moulds that GZG have come up with.  I can see myself buying the UNSC fleet soon with a bunch of support ships.  Jon, you are an evil man.

I'm going to try something different with these models, rather than glueing the stem in, I'm going to magnetise them.

So, what I've done is glue a 4mm rare earth magnet to the ship and to the stem and so far, it seems to work.  This will allow me to pack the ships down into a smaller box without worrying about them breaking off.

The waste ship, based up and base coated

The magnets on the waste ship.  The one magnet holds it quite well

The troop carrier ship

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Salute 2014

Salute 2014 was last weekend and I went along with a shopping list.....

I didn't buy much in the way of miniatures, just a few more 20mm moderns for my insurgents and US.  I did buy quite a few new paints from Army Painter, flock and various odds and sods.

What was real tempting was the Drop Zone Commander stand.

Some of the guys in the club have gotten interested in the rules and I'm trying to resist another new scale.  Hard though, Hawk Games do know how to made miniatures, they are just phenomenal.  

This year, they had a big stand with several demo games and the largest assault ship you have ever seen!  They had built an assault ship that had to be at least three meters long and had the drop ships from the game in it, ready for dropping.

The Assault Ship!

The drop ships ready for deployment

More drop ships

Idea of scale

Front on view

their new drop ships

 The main demo table.  how can you not love a game like that!

Their new monorail

The monorail station

A street view

can feel my will weaking.....

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Force on Force - The Alamo

Finally got FoF on the table again.

I brought in the Peoples Vegetarian Liberation Army and Tim brought in the US.

the scenario was called the Alamo.  The US start hunkered down in cover supporting a squad stuck in a damaged vehicle.  Their objective was to hold on for 8 turns and prevent the vehicle from begin looted.

The table set up with the US hunkered down

The PVLA outflank the US using the market for cover

Bugger.... the US bring reinforcements and the PVLA in the open

The PVLA heavy weapon teams arrive and arc up on the US.  Everything goes very quiet.....

It was a convincing win to the PVLA. They managed to loot the AVVPT, wipe out two US fire teams and the Spec ops team who joined the party.

The new cheat sheets worked very nicely, the game flowed very quickly and we only had to refer to the rules for vehicle stats.

now, why didn't they supply a decent cheat sheet with the rules.....

Little French dude on the table

Napoleon has arrived on the table!

Well, most of the army anyway,  still got this to finish

Old Guard
Command Pip markers
more artillery

Got my first game of FoGN and my head almost exploded.  FoGN isn't like FoGAM or R, got me a steep learning curve ahead of me.

Geoff brought his newly painted British along and absolutely wiped me off the table.  It was my first game and went with the theory of "Let's see what this does".....


back to the rules...

My foot push up the middle of the table.

My veterans push off the enemy mounted.

My dragoons charge the artillery, only to realise that it was a bad bad move.

Full Thrust!

A blast from the past.

Tamsin and I finally got Full Thrust onto the table.

We used the Full Thrust Lite rules and got a few games in one night, so, not bad.

We played with the starter armies in the books and lots of fun.

Tamsin brought her very nice space map to use. It's a bit small at 3' x 3', but good for a starter game.

I had the NSL, Tamsin had the ESU

The fleets deploy on the table

The NSL line up on a battle cruiser

"All vessels fire at the lead battle cruiser!"

Game 2, the fleets bunch up

The NSL bust thru and start to turn, finding it difficult with their engines damaged...