Friday, 29 April 2011

Renaissance Army

Over the holidays I've been busy painting and flocking up my Rennaisance army for Field of Glory Renaissance. Not sure which army it will be, but the two main choices are Imperial Spanish or 30 years War German.






Imperial Guard City Troops

Finally finished the bulk of my Imperial Guard city troops for Epic/FWC.

I reckon they came up pretty good. Most of the infantry couldn't be rebased as they had been glued down very well.

Now, to find an opponenet....

Force on Force released

Ambush Alley Games have released their new version of Force on Force. This is their first game to be published with Osprey. Looks like Osprey is starting to get into the wargaming publishing business as they have done a great job with Field of Glory.

Force on Force now combines the old Force on Force and Ambush Alley.

I'm looking forward to picking it up as a PDF soon. I reckon I'll buy the printed copy as well as it does look really good.

Top game, lots of fun.