Sunday, 20 March 2011

UN Space Marines

UN troops in their Mars light powered armour.

These are from the 15mm range of GZG

We have Contacts!

We have multiple contacts, front and back!

15 meters!
10 meters!
5 meters!


Nuff said

Something for the marines to shoot in Tomorrows War


And now, time for some gun ship support. Time to reach out and touch someone!

Load me up a hellfire round

Mi-24 Hind

And now, something for the insurgents/soviet based armies.

It's a great looking model and very imposing

F-15 Eagle v2

The last of my airsupport for Ambush Alley.

Not my favorite of aircraft, but it's still nice to have options. :-)

F-16 Falcon v2

More airsupport for the Nato troops.

Bit excessive, but it was cheap on ebay. I've always liked this airplane, it just looks cool

F-14 Tomcat

Airsupport for the marines and NATO forces.

It's a really nice model

Mr Big

Mr Big, the notorious evil master mind has been spotted in Ambush Alley or Ambush Alley Z!

Someone for the special forces to come in and capture

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

FoGR game, later swedish vs imp Spanish

I had a game at the club last night with my FoGR imp Spanish and got flogged!

I tried a different version of the list, changing the heavily armored superior cav for average cav to get a couple more battle groups and it didn't work.

Hmmm, back to the drawing board.

The three artillery battle groups were fun, but not very effective.

eBay is a bad bad place

I was trolling thru eBay and saw a couple of things that I liked. I chucked a couple of bids thinking I didn't have a chance........

I picked up;

1 x 15mm English Civil War army for FoGR
1 x F-14
1 x F-16
1 x F-15
1 x AH-64
1 x Hind
1 x Leopard II
1 x BTR
1 x BMP
2 x T-64s

All that for £50!

Photos to come

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Burton 2011

A couple of photos of the venue