Friday, 24 April 2015

New Thunderbirds show

Something completely random, was walking past ITV studios and saw these in the window

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Hannover FoGR

A wargaming club in Hannover put on their first FoGR comp and I went over to say hi.

I've never been to Hannover and what can I say, German Beer!

So, I dusted off the 30 Years War Germans and my new Castle baggage and made the journey over

Here is the runners and riders

Dave Allen – West Sudanese
Bodo Listner – Later TYW German
Stefan Liedtke – Later Luis XIV French
Andreas Grunwald – Kalmar Union
Frank Bauer – Early TYW Swedish
Thomas Peters – Kalmar Union
Martin Wirt – Mongol
Simon Lenz – Italian States
„Strand“ – Mughal
Ulrich Göppel – Italian States
Simon LeRay-Meyer – Later TYW German
Jürgen Müller – Later TYW German
Sebastian Welkerling – Early TYW Swedish
Christian Pelka – LoA Anglo-Dutch
Olivier Todorovic - Early TYW German Catholic
Partrick Gehm - Caroline Imperialist

The result?


The Hannover club put on a nice and friendly comp and lots of beer, so what more could a gamer want?

The results

1. Simon L-M. 78,7
2. Dave A. 63,1
3. Thomas P. 59.0
4. Jürgen M. 56,6
5. Frank B. 55,7
6. Patrick G. 54,5
7. Martin W. 45,9
8. Stefan L. 44,6
9. Bodo L. 41,6
10. Gero 40,9
11. Ulrich G. 40,0
12. Simon L. 36,8
13. Christian P. 34,7
14. Olivier T. 32,0
15. Thomas F. 27,0
16. Andreas G. 26,6
17. Sebastian W. 17,3 

here a couple of photos

Game 1 vs Early 30 Years War German Protestants

My Marksburg castle is my baggage

The lunch offering, note the raw mince meat.......

Game 2 vs Kalamar Union

They be tough!

Now that is an Elephant C n C

Marienburg Castle, just outside Hannover

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Roll Call 2015

And that was Roll Call 2015.

It was my first time at playing 25mm FoGR and it was a lot of fun.  Its less of a manoeuvre game than 15mm and more of a get stuck in.

I changed my army slightly and went for the 30 Years War French rather than Later Louis XIV.

The reason?  Cav.  The Later Louis needs Cav and I didn't have enough painted.

So, I ended up 4th.  I got two big wins, a draw and went down screaming in the final round.  A Samurai army showed the French why their swords are world renowned.

The players

A few pictures

Game 1 vs Scotts - Big Win

The French eying off the Scots

Scottish warriors coming charging towards the French

Game 2 vs League of Ausburg - Big win

Lots of shooting

The lines collide

Game 3 vs the Imperial Spanish - Draw
Lots of Elite foot

The two sides eye each other off and then decide, pub is a better option

Game 4 vs Samurai - Big loss

The Samurai line up against the French, it didn't go well for the French

Random photos