Friday, 20 December 2013

NSL capital ships

Couple of pics of my NSL capital ships.

The flag ship

The battleship
The space platform

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Full Thrust NSL fleet

At Warfare this year, I picked up the large starter fleet for the NSL.  These are the new figures that GZG have made and they look good.

I'm going with a red colour scheme as I think it will look good on the table.  I also picked up a space station to use an objective.

Going to have to build/buy a decent transport box for them and might have to upgrade the base sizes.

The two capital ships have decent bases, but the battle cruisers don't ans I have a feeling they will fall over.

Anyhow, here are a few pictures

A capital with a few high lights

The Flag Ship

The bulk of the fleet, base coated and ready for high lights

The Space a Station

Saturday, 14 December 2013

Squats vs Orks Game 2

Gav and I got another game of FWC in while I was in Melbourne.

This time, I brought in a Squat land train in. They were terrible in Epic but I had high hopes of it in FWC.

The Land Train decides to make a run for it around the flank of the table, catching Orks in the open before they got into the BUA.  A flamer does wonders on inf.

The Cyclops starts advancing.  Look what I can see on the other side of the table......

What's the range again?

Close up of the Cyclops, Gav did a real nice paint job of it.

The Colossus with Squat enhanced Rhinos advance up.  Gav upgraded the Rhinos with Las Cannons, a very Squat thing to do.

The Ork Gargant catches the Colossus out in the open and teaches the Squat a thing or two about close assault.

A large chainsaw does wonders against a large target.

The Cyclops gets revenge for the Colossus and nails the Gargant with a direct shot.

This ended up a narrow win to the Orks.  A few more turns and it would have it would have been a Squat win as the land train was running around doing it's thing.

I really have to get someone else to play FWC, it's fun.

Thanks Gav for getting your figures on the table, so cool and love what you have done with the Squats and Orks.

Squats vs Orks game 1

Finally got to get a couple of games of Future War Commander when I was back in Aus.

Gav kindly supplied both armies and he ran the Orks.

We choose lots of shiny toys, I got a Colossus and a Cyclops, Gav got a Gargant and other Orky goodness.

We line up

 The Squats start to advance.  Pity their command rolls were hopeless

The Cyclops lines up to fire on some hapless Ork
 The Orks under fire

The Cyclops lines up again.  "Stick your head out John!"

The Cyclops decides that close assault works better

The Orks decide that running away is a better idea

The Squats won the game.  The Colossus and the Cyclops are quite an effective team and a few cheesy rolls helped a lot.

It was great fun to get a game in of FWC, it's a fun game and plays nicely.

Now, if I can find someone in London to play it

Thursday, 28 November 2013

results from warfare 2013

the results from warfare 2013 have been posted..

i ended up only five points behind Alasdair

Friday, 22 November 2013

Warfare shopping

I may have bought some space ships from GZG....

I picked up a mega fleet for the NSL as well as a little space platform (always need an objective).

the platform

I've been resisting for a while, but gave in.

wonder what I'll be painting over xmas....

Warfare 2013

I got 2nd place!

Here is the runners & riders for the comp

I won three games and drew one, which ended me up on 74 points.  Big difference to the last few years at Warfare

Game 1 vs Derek Bruce 22 - 3
Game 2 vs David Parish 23 - 2
Game 3 vs Don McHugh 9 - 11
Game 4 vs Kevin Johnson 22 - 3

I ended up only a few points behind Alasdair, so, getting close now.

Don Avis Later Imperial Spanish
Lynnette Maxim Later Thirty Years War German
Stephen Stead Early Thirty Years War Swedish
Simon LeRay-Meyer Later Thirty Years War German
Don McHugh Later Thirty Years War German
Peter Davis Later Imperial Spanish
Byron Emson Early Thirty Years War German Catholic 
Martin van Tol Later Thirty Years War Swedish and Weimarian
Tim Porter Early Thirty Years War Swedish
Nigel Emsen Mongol
Kevin Johnson Jurchen, Later Jing and Qing
Dave M Allen Later Ottoman Turkish
Simon Clarke Later Imperial Spanish
Stewart Johnson Thirty Years War French
Jim Gibson Later Imperial Spanish
Chris Richards Later Thirty Years War German
Paul Greenwood Later Thirty Years War German
Alasdair Harley Later Thirty Years War German
Richard Davey Early Thirty Years War Swedish
David Parish Hungarian-Transylvanian
Richard Young Later Thirty Years War Swedish and Weimarian
Ben Jones Thirty Years War French
Ray Boyles Later Imperial Spanish
Keith Spedding Early Thirty Years War Swedish
Derek Bruce Scots Royalist
Tim Thompson Later English Civil War Royalist
Jimmy Carter English Civil War Parliamentarian
Brian Holmes Thirty Years War Danish

Monday, 11 November 2013

Scifi paper terrain on Kickstarter

My quest for cool, light terrain for scifi continues.

Found this on kickstarter

Looks very nice.  I saw this at Derby and should have paid more attention to it.

Aliens vs Predator Kickstarter

Saw this mentioned on a podcast

so tempting.

It's AvP done with Space Hulk style boards, very similar to the PDFs I just bought.

Aliens, Predators and humans stuck in the middle, what's not to love.

Might just have to sponsor it...

Warfare 2013

Warfare is on this weekend and will be the final comp for the year.

Hopefully I can do better the Oxford Doubles.....

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Oxford Doubles wrap up

We went in with a plan and it crumbled.

One big win and three big losses.

We played;

Later Swedes 22 - 3
Louis XIV 2 - 23
Polish 2 - 23
League of Ausburg 5 - 25

It all looked so good on paper and all fell to pieces when the shooting started.

Only having one average mounted really makes it hard, once one flank has collapsed, it's hard to plug the gap.

Saturday, 26 October 2013

scifi paper terrain

I've been missing playing scifi as no-one in my club seems to play any scifi other than Epic.

So, I think, how about playing at home?  That and an urge to play Space Hulk again made me start trolling ebay to see what I could find.

Hmmm, £130 for a copy of Space Hulk, I soo don't think so.

I found on the DrivethruRGP site some paper terrain that I could buy and make myself.

Didn't cost much, only a couple of quid and I get a PDF  for 25mm "space hulk" style corridors, rooms and other generic scifi scenery.

I'm going to print some of this out, made up a few boards and play some Tomorrows War.

Now, what to fight against.....

Oxford Doubles

Off to the Oxford doubles this weekend.

I'm partnering up with Martin and we are  bringing Later Danish.

It's another themed competition, any army, in 1695.

We are expecting lots of Swedish and League of Ausburgh Dutch.

Our army is mass musket-bayonet with regimental guns, so, should be fun.

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Derby purchases

The new army

15mm napoleonic French, aren't there just a few of them.......

237 figures from eBay apparently weren't enough, so, I had to purchase six boxes worth of Lancashire figures at Derby.

This will keep me busy for the next few months

Now, where is that airbrush....

Monday, 30 September 2013

Star Wars trench run at Derby

Some guys did this for a demo game at Derby of the Star Wars trench run.

Very cool to see the trench run done at this scale.  The models looked nice as well.

Stay on Target!

They are all over me!

Derby 2013

My first every solo first place at a wargaming comp!

I didn't take as many photos as I would have liked of the comp, all the games went for almost the whole 3 1/4 hours. Last weekend the Central London team got the band back together for the team competition at Derby.  Our team name was To Mediocrity and Beyond!

having seen the runners and riders in my pool, I wasn't feeling too confident.

I had brought my Louis XIV French with me and the pool was almost exclusively foot armies.

There was 1 ottoman Turk army, 2 Swedish, 4 League of Ausberg and 2 or three Later Autrians.

The French rocked up and threw quite a few people as they were expecting the impact foot option of the army rather than the 15 dragoon, 4 determined horse option that I brought.

I decided to go for a almost completely mounted/fast moving army after Britcon which was all foot.

The end result

1st place!

I didn't get to take as many photos as I would have liked, was too busy with the games.

Taking the mounted option against a heavy foot army is a lot of work, dancing around sniping and forcing the opponent to give you an opening.  My army did get mauled in getting the wins, but they got there in the end.

Game 1 vs Ottoman Turks 16 - 9 win
Game 2 vs Later Swedish 17 - 8 win
Game 3 vs League of Ausburg 18 - 7 win
Game 4 vs Later Swedish 15 - 5 win

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Derby 2013

Derby 2013 is coming up soon and I need to work out and army, they are due in the 16th....

I'm in the  later period, Duty and Glory armies, 1660-1668, plus later Turks and Cossacks.


Lisbon ITC

Slightly late post but last weekend I was in Lisbon for the FogAM ITC team completion as part of the barbarian team.  Next year it will be held in Rome!

Our team ended up 2nd from bottom, which is the same as last year, so,,at least we didn't get any worse.  

Was my first time playing the fog2 rules at a comp, I only had one practice game before, so,, there were lots of little tricks that I didn't know.

I eded up with a big win, a big loss, a draw (17-17) and a loosing draw.

I got the big win vs Portugal 2, the draw vs France 2, the big loss to England 1 and the loosing ear to USA 1.  

I was in the medieval pool with my early Hungarians.

Here are the results

France 1: 328
GB 2: 305
Italy: 298
Portugal 1: 277
USA 2: 274
GB 1: 254
USA 1: 208
France 2: 207
Barbarians: 191
Portugal 2: 178

Congratulations to the French.

Pool winners were:
Period 1: Graham Briggs
Period 2: Eduard Gatereaux
Period 3: Guy Daubaugnan
Period 4: David Fairhurst

Here are the runners and riders

ITC 2013 Runners and Riders

Period 1 – Republican Rome Theme, 900 pts
Period 2 – Elephant Theme, 850 pts
Period 3 – Mongol Theme, 800 pts
Period 4 – Early Medieval Europe, 900 pts

GB 1
1 Richard Jeffrey-Cook Late Republican Rome
2 David Bannister Tibetan
3 Richard Collins Early Lithuanian, 1250 AD
4 Dave Ruddock Feudal Navarrese, 1070 AD

US 1
1 Chris Johnston Early Successor Macedon
2 Hilton McManus Indo-Greek
3 Matt Iverson Song Chinese, 1250 AD
4 Bob Rioux Later Sicilian, 1299 AD

1 Jose Manuel Martins Later Carthage—Hannibal in Italy
2 Paulo Barreiro Medieval Burmese
3 Miguel Mata Mongol Conquest
4 Simon LeRay-Meyer Early Hungarian

1 Francesco Berucci Later Macedon
2 Massimiliano Martellacci Sui Chinese / Early Tang
3 Stefano D'Addino Song Chinese
4 Carmelo Andrea Lo Moro Early Medieval German

US 2
1 Walt Burgoyne Later Repubican Roman, 81 BC
2 Rob Smith Indo-Greek, 150 BC
3 Graham Unger Song Chinese, 1275 AD
4 Dannie Martz Sr HYW English Continental, 1320 AD

FR 1
1 Hubert Bretagne Later Macedon
2 Edward Gerardeaux Nan Zhao, 800
3 Guy Daubagnan Mameluk Egyptian, 1261 AD
4 Christophe Sciangula Early Hungarian, 1199 AD

FR 2
1 Jacques Destremau Pontic, 85 BC
2 Anthony Leroy Maurayas, Classical Indian, 300 BC
3 Patrice Caillon Koryo Korean, 1200 AD
4 Jean-Yves Cassas Early Hungarian, 1100 AD

GB 2
1 Graham Briggs Early Successor Antigonas Gonatas, 270 BC
2 Lynda Fairhurst Medieval Indonesian/Malay, 1436 AD
3 Terry Shaw Early Teutonic Knights, 1220 AD
4 David Fairhurst Later Anglo-Irish, 1328 AD

PT 1
1 Ricardo Simas Later Republican Roman
2 Jorge Martins Indo-Greek
3 Gonçalo Costa Xi Xia, 1201 AD
4 Marco Quinta Feudal Catalan, 1320

PT 2
1 Joao Especial Early Successor, Ptolmey 217 BC
2 Orlando Almeida Indo Greek, 175 BC
3 Fernando Sousa Early Teutonic Knights, 1241 AD
4 João Costa Latin Greece, 1310


Friday, 23 August 2013

GW Centurion figures

I normally don't pay much attention to the new GW releases but lost it when I saw these

£50 for three plastic figures!?  They are only plastic 28 mm figures.

Can anyone say "Sucker at 20 paces" to anyone who buys these?

Game Classy podcast

I've found a new wargaming podcast called Game Classy

They are rude, swear a lot, heckle GW on a regular basis and are quite fun to listen to.

They take the place of Chance of Gaming podcast which seems to have died.

1mm Drop pods

ClearZone Horizon has just released these cool looking 15mm drop pods.

I've always wanted a decent drop pod, right back in the days when  I played 40K. 

I can see some of these being bought for my Tomorrows War games, when I get around to playing them.

New X-Wing stuff

Fantasy Flight games are really trying to get all of my money.

At Gencon this year, they released two new ships.......

The Tantive IV blockade runner
The "Rebel Scum" transport
Cool looking maps

I know lots of other blogs and sites are talking about these new ships.  Can't see me using one on the table but the rebel transport ship is calling....
If they release any imperial star destroyers, my credit card may be in serious trouble...

Monday, 12 August 2013

I've succumbed!

I bought this at Britcon at their bring and buy....

I've resisted for many years and finally caved in.  The figures just look soo pretty.

Britcon 2013

Game 1 vs 30 Years War French 16 - 9 win

The two armies line up and eye each other up.....

The Savoy battle line

The two lines collide.  The French broke shortly afterwards.

Game 2 vs Scots Jacobite 18 - 7 win
 The scots line up

Game 3 vs Hapsburg Austrians 0 - 25 loss

The Austrians break out of their fortifications to come and pick a fight
 Average vs Superior, who will win....
 My cav try and chase some dragoons off, they got shot up shortly afterwards

Game 4 vs Later ECW Royalist 25 - 0 win

Martin and I had a practice game with our two armies at the club a few weeks before and he gave me a damm good kicking.

The Savoy advance up to meet the English

The armies eye each other up, wondering who will start first.

The Savoy opened up shortly afterwards and the English soon decided they had an appointment somewhere else.

Game 5 vs Japanese 25 - 0 win

The Japanese line up.  With only two mounted in Lynette's army, the Savoy were quite happy to move up and say hi.

The Savoy start advancing in formation
 The two armies collide

The Savoy line holds after the mighty clash of Japanese warriors.  The Savoy rally behind their banners and manage to will all the impact combats, resulting in a few Japanese units disrupting and fragmenting.

The Japanese had the tough choice of breaking off and risking being shot at on mass or staying in. They chose to remain fighting and one by one, broke.

Game 6 8 - 12 draw/lose vs 30 Years War Protestant.

My final game was against Alasdair, the raining FoGR champ as somehow I was in equal 2nd place.


I completely forgot to take any photos of the battle.

The Savoy line only had one choice, defensive position number 1, box in and hold.  Alasdair's army comprised of seven battle groups of superior mounted, four battle groups of dragoons, two units artillery and two units of foot (the cheer leading squad).

I managed to hold out till time was called, having lost 14 out of 15 points and Alasdair lost 10 out of 15 which got me 3rd place.