Sunday, 17 June 2012

Roll Call 2012 wrap up


That was Roll Call 2012. It was a tough competition with my score ending up at 29......

Game 1 vs French Wars Hugeunot 10-10 draw

Both of us lost 9 points but couldn't crack each others army. One thing to note, need to have some medium foot or something to protect my artillery.

Game 2 0-25 vs Mongols

Cav(S) and LH(S) everywhere. An absolute nightmare match up and it all went horribly wrong.

Game 17-3 vs French Wars Catholic.

The armoured keil and knights went in good and proper, tanking out a keil, pike and shot unit, baggage and pretty much mauled one flank. Jon's Swiss pummelled my other knight unit and started a two way fight with my other keil. Good proper game

Game 4 3-22 vs Tartars

See the post re the Mongols but there were some bow who I got to get my knights into .

Another knightmare match up. I really hate cav/light horse armies......

So, the verdict, the imperial Austrians are fun , need to change what I bring I. Though. Not enough shooting, so, need to ditch I think the 2nd keil and have more shoots cav. This will allow me to play with the other cav armies and not have soon many of my points stuck in slow troops. Have to say though, the keil don't die easily.

Thursday, 14 June 2012

15mm Spider

Another purchase from Salute.

This time, it's a 15mm spider tank from GZG.

I'm doing this one up in a desert cam for my soon to be painted Titan inf from Rebel miniatures.

Monday, 4 June 2012

15mm walkers

It's been a while since I posted any pictures of my various projects.

While I was at the GZG shop at Salute 2012, I picked up one of the "crustie" walkers.

Rather than doing a Crustie army, I decided to paint it in a blue scheme up for one of my human armies. I've got a few tanks and infantry from Critical Mass miniatures painted up in this scheme.

The two walkers in the other photo are from Rebel Miniatures. I picked up two of these walkers as well as a platoon of their Mars infantry. They are next on the work bench.

Long time between posts

Work has been manic and haven't had much brain space to blog.

Due to budget cuts, my IT budget has been slashed by 80%, got three office moves in the same month (now) and inhousing our IT support.

It's all happening in this month, so, been busy planning everything.

Hopefully, things will settle down soon.

Hawk Wargames, 10mm sci fi hotness

At Salute this year, a new sci fi company called Hawk Wargames were showing off their new 10mm range. Since then, they have released lots of preview pictures on their Facebook page. I'm not much of a 10mm fan as I've already got my body weight in 6mm and 15mm but they are making it hard to resist. I can see myself buying some of these figures for Future War Commander. You can never have enough walkers in an army. Here is one of their alien walkers Human Flyer Human Walker Human Walker Drop Ship Alien Flyer Alien Robots

Campaign 2012 - Wrap Up

Somehow, I managed to win my period in Division 1! Woot! The results of my game three big wins and two draws. I managed to get my three big wins on the first day which kept my team in Division 1. Central London Mediocre (my team) did pretty well for it's first outing and will be back at Derby 2012. It was impressive to see five Central London teams at Campaign. We ended up with two in FogR & FoGAM and one in DBMMMMM. I am really loving FoGR.

Roll Call 2012

Roll Call 2012 iGuns, s coming up and I'll be entering the FoGR competition. These are the rules for the comp. At Roll Call 2012 there will be one FoG:Renaissance period comprising: 15mm “Early Renaissance”: 800 points, armies as limited below, 72" by 48" tables • Any army from any officially published list dated before 1570 • No Battle Troops with Musket, Musket* or Salvo capability • No mounted troops with Impact Pistol capability I'll be taking my Imperial Austrians in for their first outing. What can I say, I can't stay away from the Holy Roman Empire.