Saturday, 3 May 2014

Full Thrust support ships

Picked up a few support ships from GZG for my NSL fleet.  I decided to try and magnetise the flight stand so that I can pack them down into a smaller box rather than having the flight stand break off.

Lets see if this crazy idea works.

Waste recycling ship.  Such a cool model that I had to buy one

View of the magnets

Fleet Supply Tender

The waste recycler ship painted

Fleet tender, will be good as an objective for a scenario

More stuff for Force on Force

Picked up a few more figures for Force on Force.

Technicals with guns.  the vehicles are hot wheels cars I picked up at a toy shop and the crews are from Elhiem Figures

Insurgent heavy gun team

Insurgent stinger team

Insurgent sniper teams

Sniper hiding behind a wall

More insurgent RPG troops

Special Ops team

Downed pilot