Friday, 12 October 2012

Derby 2012 wrap up


my new version of the 30 Years War Germans didn't work very well.  Back to the drawing board for Warfare.

I nearly doubled my score on the 3rd game on Sunday when I had a bye, so, that says how well I was going.

the games

Game 1 Louis the XIV 0-25
Game 2 30 Years war swedes  7-18
Game 3 Bye 10
Game 4 League of Ausburg 22-3

My theory for this comp was to base the army around three veteran pike and shot units and shoot my way out of trouble.  The key to this theory was to be able to shoot.  It wasn't until the fourth game my troops decided that they could even hit anything.

Hmmm, what to do for Warfare...

the new venue was different, very similar to one of the comp venues back in Aus.  It was held at the Donnington race course and was in a large exhibition hall.  It was well suited to having a large amount of gamers in it as it had high ceilings and the traders were in the same room as the players.  This may have contributed to some of my spending.

It was rather strange to game next to a car race course, you could hear the cars racing around while pushing lead around the table.