Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Salute 2016

Salute has come and gone and I'm still impressed by the size of that show.

190 odd vendors, lots of demo games and soo much temptation.

I picked up my new Napoleonic Austrians from Lancashire models and the new Osprey Horizon Wars 6mm goodness set of rules

A few photos of what caught my eye

John Treadway's Hammers Slammers

Overview of the Hammers Slammers game

Full Thrust goodness!

Oooh, BattleStar Galatica using Full Thrust rules.

Hawks very impressive Drop Ship.

No matter how many times I see it, I'm still impressed.

You can see the 10mm drop ships getting ready to launch

A 25mm Napoleonic game, not sure what they were playing, it just looked good

40K cosplay, very impressive

More Napoleonics

15mm Moderns goodness

Vietnam game in 20mm

Gruntz AAR - Stop the Missile

Tamsin and I got Gruntz back on the table with a scenario I put together called Stop the Missile.

I had the UNSC forces and Tamsin was using her new Crusties forces.  The Crusties had taken over a small mining outpost and were assembling a missile to launch on a nearby human city.

The UNSC assembled a 350 point fast reaction force starting off table.
The Crusties had 250 points on table, with up to 1/2 dug in.

There are three markers representing a possible missile launch site.  I had to get a Grunt or Specialist unit in contact with the missile and spend two actions to determine and defuse the missile.

Game limited to seven turns, after that, the missile launches and turns the human city into new Crusties.

The table.  Tamsin was able to deploy anywhere on the table and I had no idea where the missile markers are until I get on table.
The Table set up.  The MDF hex solar panels representing possible missile sites.

A few Power Loaders and engineers on table near the mining site.

Tamsin's Crusties deploying on table.  She has a lot of walkers.....

Hmmm, this might be tougher than expected

The UNSC troops advance and engage the Crusties

Reinforcements arrive, the UNSC heavy VTOL with power armour and a gruntz squad inside

The Heavy VTOL approach the landing site 

 The UNSC forces under fire from the Crusties.  One drone down, the heavy tank crippled and the gruntz heavily wounded.

The Bulldog APC exploding shortly afterwards.


UNSC forces finally finding the missile launcher and successfully defusing it with no time left.

UNSC forces suffered significant casualties in disarming the missile, allowing the Crusties to evac.....

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Roll Call 2016 Wrap up

All Hail Gustaphos Adolphos the Third!


The Later Swedes did well with three large wins and a draw.  I was really happy with the army and the plan, lots of Salvo foot with support and determined horse clearing out a flank.

Game 1 vs Ray's Early Swedes 9-11

First game was against Ray and his early Swedes.  His early Salvo foot proved to be tough and wouldn't break, resulting in a draw.  Ray deployed lots of steep hills down, blocking one entire flank. His commanded shot, supported by Reiters and dragoons cleared out one flank and was advancing onto me.  Maybe next time.

Game 2 vs Pete's Aztecs 25 - 0

First time I've played against Aztecs in FoGR.  I've played against them in FoGAM and got stonked, so was a little wary.  The army comprised of superiors and elite warriors with field fortifications, not that they stayed there for a while.

Game 3 vs Rob's 30 Years War French 20 -5

Last year, this army rolled me and I was looking forward for a bit of pay back.

Right hand flank with dragoons and armoured reiters.  They weren't expecting to be facing my determined horse!

Both armies had a simple plan, ADVANCE!

Overview of the table.

Lots of Salvo foot up for a bit of Swede on French action.

The Swedish line advancing, moving into battle formation.  My determined horse saw a break thru and captured the artillery, causing a few units nearby to go disrupted.

Bob's very impressive horse and general

German Pike and Shotte unit 

Game 4 vs Dave's Samurai 21-4

Dave and I faced each other for the final game and our ritual squabble at the end of a competition.  We seem to face each other quite often now in the final game and we have an ongoing side game running on who gets more points in the competition.  Plus, it's a good way to finish a competition with Central London having a good scrap!

Dave's Samurai don't bother waiting for me to come across the table, they advance, looking for a fight.

My right flank, locked down by a village.  The Swedes see just one option, advance thru it and hope they can clear thru before the Samurai arrive.

That's a lot of superior Samurai!

A 25mm Keil