Thursday, 18 December 2014

Gruntz AAR - "Where did Everyone go?"

Tamsin and I finally got some 15mm Gruntz goodness onto the table.

I did a quick scenario called "Where did everyone Go?"

The basic premise of the scenario was all communications was lost with an outpost.  A platoon is sent in to investigate and extract "research" data before the UN investigation team arrived.

The UN were able to infiltrate a sniper team before the main force arrived.  Tamsin's force deployed randomly and moved on, with the objective of getting to the walker, spend a complete turn getting the information and getting off the table in 8 turns.

Turn 1. UNSC sniper team hiding on the hill.  The objective is the crashed walker on the street in the centre of the town.

A look down main street.  Notice the walker and drone, wonder where their design influence came from

Tamsin's force arrives in turn 1.  A platoon of NAC inf, no mech or vehicle support.  A VTOL "visiting" for the photo shoot

The NAC advance down main street, the UNSC sniper engages

The NAC arrive at their objective having dealt with the sniper

The UNSC forces arrive and the NAC sniper learns what a 50mm chain gun can do

The NAc forces pull back form the objective after some convincing shooting from the UN troops

UN infantry decide that the hills are looking good and run for it!

The remaining UNSC infantry get nailed by very effective fire from Tamsin's NAC force

End result was a win to the NAC as the UN were no longer effective after turn 6

Need to get more games of Gruntz in.  The mechanics are solid and places very quickly.  We were playing most of the the game just using a 2 page cheat sheet and since our last game was six months ago,, thats not bad.

Now, I hear GZG have a sale on.....

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

FoGR 25mm

I'm doomed!

This is my 25mm FoGR 30Years War TBA to be painted

How the heck am I going to bring this to the club and play?

Each box is 20cm high......

 Ebay purchased cav.  Low quality miniatures, but, 30 cav for £10

Gruntz Vehicles


Got the VTOL and wheeled APC from GZG based coated.

Now, what else to do to them....

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Warfare purchases

The will was strong for about two minutes and then it gave in!

I bought a good amount of stuff at Warfare, here are a couple of things that I've started to work on

GZG 15mm VTOL Troop Carrier

25mm "Bob" Drone

GZG Fleet repair ship

GZG 15mm wheeled APC

 GZG NSL Troop Assault ship.  Time to do some campaigns with Full Thrust and Gruntz!

25mm FoGR artillery......

Friday, 14 November 2014

Warfare 2014

Its the last FoGR comp of the year, Warfare.

This year, rather than being an open comp, it's gone themed.

The theme is 1570, no battle troops with musket, no impact pistol

So, show us your Keil!

I've gone with Ottoman Turks and heavy guns.  Not sure how it will go, I tried this style of army at Usk and spent most of my time running away.  Armoured foot don't really care about bow

here are the runners and riders

Name Club Army
Player #
1 Tim Porter Central London Early Danish
2 Nigel Emsen Solent Mughal
3 Simon LeRay-Meyer Central London Early Ottoman Turkish
4 Paul Freeman Burton Later Imperial Austrian
5 Bob Medcraft Oxford Caroline Imperialist
6 Alasdair Harley Oxford Crimean Tartar Umpire
7 Don McHugh Clevedon Early Polish
8 Kevin Johnson Halifax Hungarian Umpire
9 Mike Pickering Essex Italian States
10 Lynnette Maxim Swiss
11 Don Avis MKWS Early Henrician English Umpire
12 Dave M Allen Central London Western Sudanese
13 Keith Spedding October Early Danish
14 Lance Flint Farnborough Colonial Spanish
15 Ray Boyles October Caroline Imperialist
16 Peter Davis Chesterfield Italian Wars French
17 Stewart Johnson Bangor Heroes Early Imperial Spanish
18 Stephen Stead Reigate Caroline Imperialist
19 David Parish Reigate Colonial Portuguese
20 Simon Clarke Burton Western Sudanese
21 Paul Robinson Reigate Japanese
22 David Eggleston No club Early Imperial Spanish
23 Peter Cross Ilford Ming Chinese
24 Ben Jones Oxford Japanese
25 Paul Kitcher Ilford Aviz Portuguese
26 Jim Gibson MKWS Maximilian Imperial

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Planet Fall from Spartan Games

Spartan Games now has a new game called Planet Fall.

Most of their games don't float my boat but they do know how to make figures.

These are some of their new line.  I hope to see these at Warfare and if they are a decent size, might buy some for my 15 mm Gruntz army

L'Art De La Guerre

A new shiney set of rules has come onto the market, well, at least in our club, and it's got the Central London club all fired up about ancients again.

Its been around for a few years and this is the third version and the first in English.  Some of my club were involved in the beta testing and have raved about it.

The rules were released at Derby and our club in a surprising move of being organised got together to buy a job lot.  28 copies in all, which is most of our club who play ancients.

The rules are a mixture of  DBx, FoG and other rules, so, the usual size basing applies.  Its played at a smaller scale than FoG, so, your standard game of 200 points gives you three commands and plays in about two - two and a half hours.  Everything is element based so, you don't need the big battle groups that you need in FoG.

The nice thing about the rules, there are no expansions.  The rules include all the lists up to 1500 AD.

For £28, that's a bargain.

I've had a few games now and it's got me motivated to finish up some of my medievals and buy an Early Imperial Roman army for the club comp.

My initial games have been with my Medieval Germans, who are one of my favourite lists.  For the 200 points this is what I get

3 x Generals
5 x Knights
2 x Light Horse
1 x Cav with Xbow
6 x Xbow foot
8 x Armoured Spear
4 x Pike.

The game is played on a smaller size table, so the smaller army looks just right.

I like that I can take an army to the club in two small boxes, very handy while on the tube.

Few pictures from last nights games.  Clive had Medieval Hungarian and I had my Medieval Germans.

Game 1 to Clive and Game 2 to me.

Warfare 2014

One week to go for Warfare, list is in and I'm going with Ottoman Turks.

The theme is

"Regnans in Exelcis" - 15mm, 800points, 6’x4’-ish tables

Armies and the options chosen must be dated before 1570. No Battle Troops with Musket, Musket*, Salvo or Impact Pistol may be used.

My thought is, there will be lots of keils and Japanese, so, what army can I get with lots of heavy guns......

Oxford Doubles

bit of a late posting about the Oxford doubles.

I partnered up with the rules writer, Richard, for the doubles and we brought a Later Spanish army to the comp.  The theme was anything from 1661, any book.  Rather than bringing my morally corrupt Louis the XIV, I thought to bring a foot army of some type.

We managed to place third, beaten by two points for 2nd place.  Curses to Jim and Don!

Now to think about Warfare, the last comp of the year.

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Oxford Doubles


now that Derby is over, on to planning Oxford.

what to bring.....

Derby FoGR Doubles

The Central London club went up to Derby this weekend for the FoGR competition and we managed to place 2nd!

The comp was a teamed event with three of us per side and I took the middle period.

Here is the runners and riders for my period

Game 1 vs Andy's Later TYW Swedish 21-4
Game 2 vs Ben's TYW French, 10 all draw.  Ben and I stared each other off across the table, an hour later after the guns finally ran out of targets we realised that we weren't going to get a result, so we called a draw and started again.  We played the next game to a draw, not for the lack of trying though.
He's got a tough army.
Game 3 vs Keith's Early TYW Swedish 20 -5.  The Elite foot earnt their pay this game, the swedish foot slammed into then and they held out for long enough for the rest of the army to get stuck into the salvo foot with guns and break them.
Game 4 vs Richard's Later 30Y Swedish.  So, fighting for 1st place, both of us went for it and not for lack of trying we walked away with a 10 all draw.  It started off all good with me fragmenting a six pack by round four but couldn't break them till after another two hours.  They recovered and then just wouldn't die. This allowed Richard's army to come in a solid line and started shooting me.

Lots of fun and four great games.

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Game of FoGN

Few photos of a game of FoGN. Geoff thrashed me again, I really should read the rules.

Anyhow, the army looks good on the table.

The armies line up and size each other up

Geoff starts moving, it goes down hill from here

One note, don't use poor troops as rear support . It don't went well.

I need some horse artillery

6mm Modern americans

I bought some 6mm yanks from Heroics and Ros a while ago and have been struggling to work out how to paint them. I didn't just want to paint them green, done that before and it's boring. I got some inspiration from a few friends and the Internet and this is what I've done.

A-10 Warthog

MLRS and support

M109 artillery

The HQ stand

Sub commanders, forward observers

M1A1 tanks.


Lav-25 AT units

Lav-25 mortar units


Now to do the inf.

I used to do my inf on 30mmx15mm bases but this time I'm going to use 30mmx30mm bases, like the vehicles. It gives me a bit more space to work with and looks better