Sunday, 24 August 2014

Game of FoGN

Few photos of a game of FoGN. Geoff thrashed me again, I really should read the rules.

Anyhow, the army looks good on the table.

The armies line up and size each other up

Geoff starts moving, it goes down hill from here

One note, don't use poor troops as rear support . It don't went well.

I need some horse artillery

6mm Modern americans

I bought some 6mm yanks from Heroics and Ros a while ago and have been struggling to work out how to paint them. I didn't just want to paint them green, done that before and it's boring. I got some inspiration from a few friends and the Internet and this is what I've done.

A-10 Warthog

MLRS and support

M109 artillery

The HQ stand

Sub commanders, forward observers

M1A1 tanks.


Lav-25 AT units

Lav-25 mortar units


Now to do the inf.

I used to do my inf on 30mmx15mm bases but this time I'm going to use 30mmx30mm bases, like the vehicles. It gives me a bit more space to work with and looks better

ITC in Rome

I'll be going to Rome for the annual ITC competion with an all Aussie team! Should be good fun.

I don't have any expectations since I haven't played FoGAM since last years ITC.

I'm bringing a Tatar army for the first time. 850 points, everything superior except the one average handgunner unit. Only 12 bg, so gotta be careful.

Rule 1, don't stand in front of knights, it hurts

Worlds 2014

Back from worlds and finally time to sit down. Been a busy week at work and haven't had time to do much other than fix stuff at work.

Worlds was great, martin, the organiser, put on a great event with a really good location and venue. The venue was bright and spacious, it was only a 10walk from he hotel and it had German wine on tap! Local red wine.......

I had six good games, four swedes, one 30years war French and one league of Augsburg. The 30years war French were my only loss, I had to beat Ben to win the comp and just couldn't break him. Should have pulled back rather than keep trying. Something for next time.

I ended up 3rd and extremely happy at that.

Now onto Rome!

Monday, 11 August 2014

Britcon 2014 wrap up

Cough, splutter, that was Britcon.

So, things for next year, don't expect to do well at Britcon if you have a raging head cold.

I ended up 10th, five draws and a big win.

It was a funny comp, I lost my voice on the first game and resorted to passing notes to my opponents to communicate.  As you expect, no sympathy at all!  Lots of friendly heckling like " Hey Simon, whats the rule for this?"  "Come on, speak up!".

Lets hope my voice is back by Koblenz.....

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Worlds FoGR

the runners and riders for the Worlds being hosted in Koblenz.

Its a smaller comp, but its in Germany, so, beer anyone?

The Runners and Riders are:

- Ben Jones Thirty Years War French
- Christian Pelka War of the League of Augsburg Anglo-Dutch
- David Allen Later Imperial Austrian and German States
- Fredric Bohm Later Swedish
- Fredrik Bodin War of the League of Augsburg Anglo-Dutch
- Ian Poade Later English Civil War Royalist
- Jim Gibson Later Swedish
- Jürgen Müller Hungarian-Transylvanian
- Matteo Pasi Caroline Imperialist
- Michael Schmidt Early Thirty Years War Swedish
- Mike Pickering War of the League of Augsburg Anglo-Dutch
- Richard Young Savoyard
- Robert Medcraft War of the League of Augsburg Anglo-Dutch
- Sebastian Welkerling Early Thirty Years War Swedish
- Simon Leray-Meyer Later Thirty Years War German
- Tim Porter Early Thirty Years War Swedish

Britcon 2014


the runners and riders have been posted for Britcon 2014

I've got a nemesis game vs Paddy for the first game, so, let's see what I can do this year.

All the  top seeds are there, few interesting choices, lots of the usual ones.