Sunday, 30 August 2009

Battleship Belfast

A few photos of the Battleship HMS Belfast, located on the Thames in London.

Big guns,


I was lucky enough to pick up one of these on Ebay. It is nicely painted and I decided not to repaint it.


The Titan Company

I managed to find a bunch of original Epic Titans for use with my Future War Commander Red Guard army. I'm painting up the Titans as a single company.

So far, I've got two Warlord titans, one Reaver and two War Hounds

The Warlords

Reaver Titan

The Hounds!

Imperial Guard Shadow Sword

The only way to take down an enemy Titan!

Smile for the big gun!

Imperial Guard Baneblade

I've started my Imperial Guard army for Future War Commander. I'm going with an urban scheme rather than a camo scheme, something a bit different.

I'm going to have the whole army in the same scheme. If I have any spare figures after doing this army, I might do another scheme.

The Company

Another Tyranid Dominatrix

The joys of holidays, I get to do lots of painting. Busily painting up my bugs for Future War Commander.

I've painted up another Dominatrix, this time going for a green colour. I'm not going for a consistant colour scheme with my bugs, I want them more diverse, that's the way I see the bugs.

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Britcon Battle 5 Early Frankish

Another winning draw due to time out. The Germans went in and picked a fight and won. This is where some Cav would have been good as I needed to have some fast troops to punch thru and sack his baggage. My opponent had 15 battle groups and I managed to get 14 points, so, I just needed his baggage for a win.

Was a great game and a lot of fun. His impact foot were rather scarey and I spent a lot of time moving my foot into a position where I could charge them without their impact foot status.

The Frankish Line

The German Knights line up against the Frankish Cav

The German knights breaking thru the Frankish Cav

Two turns later, the german knights and spear went intothe heavy foot. My opponent then rolled triple one for the impact phase cohesion test and death roll. By the end of the turn, the heavy foot had routed and caused the heavy foot next to it to fail their tests.

We ran out of time but not for lack of trying

Britcon Battle 4 100 Years War English

My second win, my knights and defensive spear proved their worth by breaking pretty much all of their opponents. Was great to play against the 100 Years War English, it's been an army that I've been thinking of building. They were a tough army but the knights proved their worth in combat with 12 dice being dish out in every combat. In a couple of bounds, 11 hits were done on the English heavy weapons.

The English with snow bases, typical English weather....

The English Long Bow

The German line of battle as it lines up.....

The knights went in a few turns later with the defensive spear and German heavy weapons supporting. The English broke about four turns later.

Britcon Battle 3 Malamuk Turks

My first win!

In a shock result, my HRE managed to break and rout the Turkish army, with his Elite Cav being routed off the table by gun fire from the hand gunners, but I did trade him my baggage

My view with this game was the run my army as fast as I could to the Turks with the view of forcing him off the table or not to have any space to run away. I think my opponent was expecting the medievals to come to his side of the table to pick a fight.

The German line advances

The Turkish Nobility, the black banners denote the Elites

The German kights break all of the opposing Cav!

Britcon Battle 2 Venitian Italian Condotta

I managed to get a winning draw due to time out. The HRE for the first time won the initiative and decided to pick a fight with the republic of Venice.

In a shock move, the Neopolitan Pike choked when the Knights went in and broke in two turns, with the Swiss pike following shortly after.

The Italian knights didn't fare much better, the superior German knights held their own, even out numbered and then broke the Italian knights.

By the time game was called, my knights were a bound away from sacking his camp which would have gotten me the game.

The Venitian Pike block

The German battle line gets ready for the charge....

Two turns later, the pike blocks had broken and been run down. The Venetian knights charged the defensive spear and broke!

Britcon Battle 1 Later Serbian vs HRE

First battle at Britcon 2009 and I got spanked. I would have thought that poor light foot would not be something to fear but they can be pretty scarey when they have a few friends. Light horse with lancers and scarey as they can move fast and pick a fight. The Germans are tough but slowly got whittled away by bow fire and a few units who broke.

Turn 1

The Serbian Light Horse

My right hand flank collapses and the Serbian LH find a hole....

It didn't last much longer.....

Tyranid Dominatrix painted

Here are a few photos of my first Tyranid Dominatrix for Future War Commander.

I'm rather happy with how it has come up.

War Hounds

My ebay shopping has found me some of the original Epic Warhounds which I've painted up for my Future War Commander armies.

Still need to finish the bases, but they are pretty much finished for painting.

Capitol Imperialis

Managed to buy an Epic Capitol Imperialis from ebay! Here it is painted but not flocked. Still have to find some flock.

The base is pre cut from Veni Vedi Vinci

Monday, 17 August 2009

Britcon 2009

This weekend I got to go up to sunny Manchester to play 15mm Field of Glory at Britcon. I had a great time and got to have six great games and was in the running for 3rd place. Sadly, my opponent was in the same boat and he beat me pretty convincingly (hate light horse).

Random photos

Flames of War

Flames of War again


And, The Bar

Paddington Train Station

Completely not wargaming related, but I went to Paddington train station in London and found this.

For those who don't know, it's Paddington Bear (google it).