Wednesday, 24 February 2010

15mm Hostage

Here's the hostage for the Swat Team to rescue.

15mm Swat Team

So, now that I have the terrorists painted, I need someone for them to fight against and here they are. 15mm Swat Team from Rebel Mins.

Looking forward to recreating some of the Counter Strike scenarios.

15mm Terrorists

Here are a few pictures of my Terrorists/Bad Guys for Ambush Alley.

Looking forward to getting these onto the tables.

15mm Zombies!

Finally finished all of my zombies for Ambush Alley. The figures come from Rebel Mins in the US.

Here are a few pics.

Thursday, 4 February 2010

My 15mm US troops

Here's a photo of my first 15mm US troops. I reckon that they have come up pretty nice.

Ambush Alley suggests to base the troops individually, but I think that 15mm troops look best when there are a few to a base. I've gone with the middle size Flames of War base as the standard base for all of my 15mm modern troops.

I'll post pictures of my zombies shortly.