Friday, 17 September 2010

Tomorrow Wars

Ambush Alley is just about to release it's latest set of rules, Tomorrow Wars.

Looks interestjng. The preamble has been written by Jon Tuffley from Ground Zero Games.

FogR has been released

Field of Glory Reneaissance has been released and my copy just rolled thru the door. Bring on the tercio!

Lisbon Itc results

Woot! Got two wins, a lose and a draw. My team, the barbarians, came equal fourth, so really happy with that. We got to play all three of the podium placed teams and happy with the results.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

FoG in Lisbon

I'm going to a FoG competition in Lisbon. I'm going with a bunch of kiwis as part of the barbarian team. The Lisbon competition is a team event, so, in your team, you must have a player in each event.

It's sort of based on the old DBM army books, so,I'm going in as book four. Bring on the German city league.

In my pool, there's three ottoman Turks, one Chinese army, a couple of English armies, Ordonnance French and me.

Yah, no Steppes armies.

There may be a bit of port drinking........

6mm moon/Mars base

I picked up some domed buildings a whole ago and decided to base them up as a moon base.

The base unpainted

The base mostly painted

Just need to finish high lighting, flocking and am going to add a few vehicles. I've added a landing pad, so am going to find a cargo ship or something.

6mm power generator

Here's a couple of photos of my power generators in 6mm

I bought a few different types as they all look pretty cool and you can never have too much terrain!

The Power Station

Power Station 1

Power Station 2

6mm scifi lab

Here's a couple of photos of he labs that I've been painting up. You can use these as labs or any other type of hi-rise buildings.

They were a nice model to paint up.

6mm appartments

I've been painting up a bunch of 6mm buildings and here are he appartment blocks.

Thursday, 2 September 2010

6mm scifi bua

My next project is to start painting up a few of my 6m. Scifi buildings for Future War, or maybe even Epic.

I picked up a few dome style buildings that I'm going to base up as a BUA.

Might base it up with a bit of a Mars type of flock.

Now to find someone to play against.

Osprey Zombie book

I couldn't resist, you always need more zombies. Osprey have now done a zombie reference book.

Always good to have a reference, factual book about zombies

Field of Glory Renaissance

Osprey will be publishing the new hottnes, FoGR. I've seen a few beta games of this, as well as competitions and it looks good.

Time to start saving for a new army, it might be enough to tempt me into Renaissance.

Lisbon ITC

Off to Kisbon for a FoG competition next week.

Hopefully the german city league will do a bit better .

Made some changes to the list after the britcon debacle. Vi dumped the battle group of hqlbediers and one of tbe knights. I was able to add in two battle groups of medium food offensive spear and three units of light foot. Now to see how this one goes.

15mm T-72

Now, something for the insurgents. A T-72!

15mm HmmvEes

Some hummers for my marines to patrol in.

I bought the wrong models and got the larger troop carrier ones. Whoops, still, the look good

15mm Bradley

Here's a picture of my new Bradley for my marines in ambush Alley. It's from Peter Pig and I think that it came put quite good