Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Over Xmas I finally pulled my finger out and went the the rather big box of random figures to paint up.

In there, I found two moles from Games Workshop and thought it would be good to paint them up.

I can see these being used for Horizons War very shortly

Monday, 16 January 2017

25mm Medieval Knights

Part 2 of my painting up of my 25mm Medievals.

My general figures are from Curtsey Miniatures and they are great figures.

You can tell that they are lead, they weigh a ton compared to the plastic figures

this will be my CnC.  I've gone for a round base for him so that he's really obvious.

Some of the knights

25mm Medieval Foot for ADLG

The ADLG bug has bitten me and I've taken the leap into 25mm.

As a massive medieval fan, I couldn't go past the Perry Plastics to form the core of my army.

I added to the army some figures from Fire Forge games.

Crossbowmen with Pavasieres


Longbow.  I've also started a few stakes for the bow.

Medium foot.

Foot Knights!
Their heavy armour does work really well in ADLG

Light Foot with Handguns

Light Foot with Crossbows