Sunday, 18 January 2015

Usk 2015 results


We got third!

Bringing a mass mounted army to what we found to be a heavy foot comp might not be the best idea.....

We did a fair bit of dancing around while the artillery started shelling anything it could.

One of the highlights was the final game between Simon and Simon where we broke a large veil and a tercio with just artillery fire!  We still lost the game 8-12, but it was just enough to get us third.

Game 1 was vs Stephen Stead and his very tough Huguenot French , 10-10 draw
Game 2 was vs Joe and Geoff and their 22 battle group Ming Chinese, 16-4 win
Game 3 was vs Chis Ager and his Ottomans, 23-2 win.
Game 4 was vs Simon and Simon and their Imperial Austrians, 8 - 12 lost.

Usk 2015 runners and riders


the runners and riders have been published for Usk

Usk 2015

For Usk this year, Nigel and I partnering up for the FoGR comp.

These are the rules

Last Gasp of the Arquebus

Any army worldwide 1570-1609.
No more than one BG with Muskets.
At least 16 bases of mounted battle troops. No more than half of all mounted battle troops can be Superior or Elite.
No more than half of all foot battle troops can be Superior or Elite.
Army must have at least 6 bases of foot battle troops per heavy or medium artillery base.

Not to exceed 900 points.

We brought to the competition an Imperial Austrian army, heavy on the mounted.

Are focus was four heavy guns, three heavily armoured superior cuirassiers and superior bow.


Monday, 12 January 2015

25mm FoGR first units

Got to sit down over the Xmas break and do some painting.

These are my first 25mm FoGR figures.  Just need to do the matt varnish and flocking

I've got enough spare figures that I'll be able to add an additional base for each unit so that I can morph the army into a Swede army.

Xmas present

My xmas present just arrived from

Mmm, 15mm scifi terrain

This is what inspired me to get this

I'm looking forward to painting these up and getting them onto the table.  I reckon a few xenomorphs will look really good stalking some marines around this terrain