Tuesday, 10 March 2015

25mm Early Louis XIV FoGR army

I did the last finishes to the army tonight and my 25mm Early Louis XIV is basically finished.

I have one last artillery base to do, just need to find a wheel, I seem to have lost one.

The Warlord plastic figures do paint up very nicely.

Now, how to get this lot to Roll Call via public transport without damaging anything........

The army

The Generals

The Kurassiers with Reiters in the back ground

Pike & Shotte

The reds will be the superior troops



Monday, 9 March 2015

Pike for ADLG

I've started to repaint and rebase my 15mm medieval pike for ADLG.  I can't see me ever using them on 15mm bases for FoGAM and my first paint job was complete crud.

So, I've decided to rebase them on the ADLG format, so, 40mm x 60mm, so will be compatible with FOGR.

This is the first unit, the figures are from Mirliton.  

More 25mm Renaissance goodness

Got the generals and the dragoons done now.

Have to find some more flock, the stuff I have is good, doesn't give me the height I was after.

I can see some ebaying going on...



1st 25mm Pike & Shotte unit finished!

My new flock arrived and got to finish a few units over the weekend.

One battle group down, 12 more to go before Roll Call.