Monday, 26 October 2009

15mm Skimmer

Here's a photo of the 15mm skimmer from GZG. It's not painted, but you can see how cool it will look.

15mm UN Troops

Here are a couple photos of the 15mm GZG United Nation troops that I picked up at SELWG.

Looking forward to painting these and getting them on the table

15mm Xenomorphs

Here are a couple of photos of the 15mm aliens that I picked up at SELWG.

"Is this a rescue mission sir, or, another bug hunt?!"

15mm Flyer

So, here is a couple of photos of the 15mm flyer that I bought at SELWG. This will look really good once painted and on the table

Roll Call 2009

Well, I got put back into my place! Two loses, one win and a losing draw.

Good competition, great fun, but I need more practice

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

ZMD" Zombies of Mass Destruction

Another zombie movie, this time with a political bent.

What if the zombie outbreak was caused by a terrorist attack?

Utube trailer

Last of the Living

I love zombie movies, what is there really to hate about them.

Here is a new Australian one that looks like it will be fun.

Utube trailer

Aussie Zombies Rock!

Monday, 19 October 2009

FoG Hungarian army

Finally, the army is almost finished. Good timing as it will be used this weekend at RollCall 2009

Here is a photo of where I am at.

SELWG Open Day

This weekend I went down to the South East London Wargaming Groups open day in Crystal Palace.

Lots of traders and 20+ demostration games covering a variety of periods and scales from Ancients thru to Moderns.

Got to meet Jon from GZG which was nice. First time I have ever met a publisher of a set of rules that I really like (Full Thrust and Star Grunt). No surprise, but my credit card took a thrashing at his store, he has released a new range of 15mm figures which just rock.

I also met the vendor of 1/600 scale modern aircraft. These will be perfect for Cold War Commander. Once I remember his details, I'll post them

Here are some photos

15mm evilness. This is one of the new gunships from GZG in 15mm.

This is one of the new 15mm cGrav APCs from GZG

1/600 scale aircraft

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Ordinatus Golgotha

I picked up one of these cool tanks from ebay for my FWC Red Guard army. Very GW, but it looks cool and will be fun to see this out on the table.

South East London Wargaming Group open day!

I'm going down to SELWG on the 18th of October for their open day. Should be interesting to see what they do and hopefully they will have lots of vendors. GZG are rumoured to be there, mmmm, 15mm scifi.....