Thursday, 17 April 2014

Salute 2014

Salute 2014 was last weekend and I went along with a shopping list.....

I didn't buy much in the way of miniatures, just a few more 20mm moderns for my insurgents and US.  I did buy quite a few new paints from Army Painter, flock and various odds and sods.

What was real tempting was the Drop Zone Commander stand.

Some of the guys in the club have gotten interested in the rules and I'm trying to resist another new scale.  Hard though, Hawk Games do know how to made miniatures, they are just phenomenal.  

This year, they had a big stand with several demo games and the largest assault ship you have ever seen!  They had built an assault ship that had to be at least three meters long and had the drop ships from the game in it, ready for dropping.

The Assault Ship!

The drop ships ready for deployment

More drop ships

Idea of scale

Front on view

their new drop ships

 The main demo table.  how can you not love a game like that!

Their new monorail

The monorail station

A street view

can feel my will weaking.....

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