Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Force on Force - The Alamo

Finally got FoF on the table again.

I brought in the Peoples Vegetarian Liberation Army and Tim brought in the US.

the scenario was called the Alamo.  The US start hunkered down in cover supporting a squad stuck in a damaged vehicle.  Their objective was to hold on for 8 turns and prevent the vehicle from begin looted.

The table set up with the US hunkered down

The PVLA outflank the US using the market for cover

Bugger.... the US bring reinforcements and the PVLA in the open

The PVLA heavy weapon teams arrive and arc up on the US.  Everything goes very quiet.....

It was a convincing win to the PVLA. They managed to loot the AVVPT, wipe out two US fire teams and the Spec ops team who joined the party.

The new cheat sheets worked very nicely, the game flowed very quickly and we only had to refer to the rules for vehicle stats.

now, why didn't they supply a decent cheat sheet with the rules.....

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