Saturday, 19 April 2014

Full Thrust Support Ships

I picked up a couple support ships for my NSL fleet.

I bought a troop carrier ship and a waste carrier ship.

I am really impressed by the new moulds that GZG have come up with.  I can see myself buying the UNSC fleet soon with a bunch of support ships.  Jon, you are an evil man.

I'm going to try something different with these models, rather than glueing the stem in, I'm going to magnetise them.

So, what I've done is glue a 4mm rare earth magnet to the ship and to the stem and so far, it seems to work.  This will allow me to pack the ships down into a smaller box without worrying about them breaking off.

The waste ship, based up and base coated

The magnets on the waste ship.  The one magnet holds it quite well

The troop carrier ship

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